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Karachi Toronto

Natasha Fatah Urdu: نتاشا فتح is a Canadian journalist, based in Toronto, Ontario.

In the summer of 2010, Fatah hosted the new CBC Radio One summer program Promised Land, a series which presents stories of harrowing, exciting and often-dangerous escapes to Canada, as told by the immigrants and refugees who lived through them.<ref>"CBC announces summer line-up," Inside the CBC. May 26, 2010; Fatah, Natasha. "What police state? It's all a matter of perspective," Calgary Herald. July 10, 2010.</ref>

She is currently a producer at CBC Radio One's national current affairs radio show As It Happens,<ref name="Minority">, "Analysis & Viewpoint: Natasha Fatah- Minority Report," URL accessed 24 February 2007.</ref> Toronto beat reporter for their Ontario regional weekend morning show Fresh Air, and author of the column "Minority Report" in's Viewpoint section.

Fatah was born in Karachi, Pakistan and spent most of her childhood in Saudi Arabia between Riyadh and Jeddah; she has also lived in Amsterdam, Montreal and Mexico City. Fatah earned a degree in political science at the University of Toronto,<ref name="Minority"/> and then earned another degree in journalism at Toronto's Ryerson University.<ref name="Minority"/>

Before her assignments in Toronto, she was a television and radio reporter for CBC Windsor,<ref name="Minority"/> filing for CBE radio and CBET-TV. In 1996, she was host of News from the Muslim World on Vision TV.

From 1999 to 2000, Fatah was co-chair of the Ontario New Democratic Youth.<ref>"Power struggle brewing in Ontario NDP: Some members critical of Hargrove, others unhappy with Hampton," Standard, St. Catharines, Ontario: September 27, 1999, pg. A.7.</ref> In the wake of the 1999 Ontario provincial election, Fatah called for Howard Hampton to resign his leadership of the Ontario New Democratic Party.<ref>Mark Stevenson, "Ontario NDP says Buzz can stay," Calgary Herald, September 26, 1999, pg. A.5.</ref> Hampton did not do so.

Her father is Tarek Fatah.

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