Toronto Chinese Photo Festival

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Toronto Chinese Photo Festival



About The TCPF:

According to the Canada census of 2001, there are 1, 126, 610 people of Asian origin living in Toronto. This is 24% of the total population of the city. Since 1993, May has always been designated as Asian Heritage Month in Canada. The Canadian Multicultural Council – Asians in Ontario (CMC) has been involved with organizing celebrations since its declaration by the Canadian parliament in 2001.

The Toronto Chinese Photo Festival (TCFP) is a part of Asian Heritage Month, and will be held from Sunday, May 22 to Sunday, May 28, 2011. It is dedicated to the promotion of Chinese Photographers and photo artists working in China and internationally. It is also committed to providing a platform for exchanges amongst artists, collectors and art-loving audience. There is one main category of the festival: "Contemporary Chinese Photography".

Theme Interpretation:

Contemporary Chinese Photography—This category provides a unique opportunity for artists and photographers to express their opinion regarding the following topics within a Chinese context:

From the past to the present, western capitalism's rapid economic development has allowed consumption to become an important part of daily life. Under the influence of the market economy system and the West’s increasing consumerism, China also became a consumer society. With the rapid growth of China’s population, the demand for farmland has increased, due to many farms being converted to be used as non-agricultural land. This has resulted in a sharp reduction in farmland areas, the continuous degradation in its quality and serious damage to the natural ecological environment. The TCPF is looking for images that depict issues related to this, such as global warming, the greenhouse effect, consumption patterns, human migration, etc.

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