Toronto South Asian International Film Festival

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Toronto South Asian International Film Festival



The Toronto South Asian International Film Festival’s mandate is to:

Create a platform to showcase and celebrate South Asian cinema in one of the world’s most diverse Canadian cities, Toronto.

Develop, identify and promote independent South Asian film talent.

Provide a trading/business platform for international South Asian filmmakers with North American movie houses.

Provide networking and funding avenues for filmmakers.

Enlighten public movie-goers within and outside of the South Asian diaspora on the repertoire of South Asian Cinema.

Improve the image, quality and capacity of South Asian filmmakers

Create a festival that will increase tourism and create jobs and thereby churn the economy of the City of Toronto.

Expose Canadian corporations through sponsorship deals to an international South Asian market.

Garner worldwide event media exposure

Countries to be featured will include but not restricted to Canada, Sri Lanka, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa, Trinidad, Guyana, USA and the United Kingdom

The International South Asian Film Festival plans to host ongoing press conferences and screenings for premieres of South Asian themed movies.

The four day film festival plans to include an Bollywood extravaganza style show at a Toronto based venue

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