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Add development items using a section [edit] link and they will be actively organized.



Elena notes from June 2012:

  • The "event box" template may not be as necessary as an "infobox" style (see attached). How can we make the formatting similar to the typical wikipedia articles?
  • Could we add an About section? In my opinion (only mine-anyone else can feel free to jump in), I think people would respond to categories as follows:

Main page About (this could include that first paragraph on the main page, plus some history of the people who first started it (yourself, Janet, Rob, etc) and a few pictures of the team. I could draft the text for this) Contribute! Community portal (I think to us, the purpose of this section is clear, however to others, it may not be so clear. Should we add some more examples, or perhaps add an explanatory paragraph?) Facet map (I personally love the facet map-I think this is pretty accessible. I'll have to think about how to showcase it more) Recent changes Français

Elena notes from July 16 2012

  • Would this format also allow for additional content (subjective, stories) to be added to our wiki, if so desired? Additional content (not from the wikipedia article), would not be updated.
  • If we decide on this route, would we have to wait for another week or so for this to be ready? We won't be meeting until end of next week, so I'm not sure whether you'd need to discuss with the designer before implementation.
  • Would this format also allow for the "info box" template? Most wikipedia articles have this template, however ours does not. The possibility of an info box has been brought up in initial meetings as well-whether we can make the AC wiki more like wikipedia articles to ease navigation.
  • How to make sure that the Asian-Canadian wikipedia lists have a presence.
  • Some pictures don’t show up on the main page.


Acw design p1.png

Renee notes from July 26 2012

The Asian Canadian Wiki is a wonderful project that will be a valuable resource in the years to come. Here are a few of my suggestions. o The addition of an info box. o This is an extremely user-friendly resource that allows a user to glean basic information quickly and efficiently. In my opinion, it gives the page a more modern look, more like Wikipedia. o The facet map o If the facet map slows the sight down too much, it should be discarded in favor of a high functioning website. o The front page o I’m not a designer, but I think the front page could look a bit more stylized and modern. Maybe smaller pictures that enlarge when you run your mouse over them. o Uploading photos o When I upload photos while I’m making a new article, the site malfunctions slightly. The picture uploads, but the page goes blank and I have to “go back” and then retype the jpeg name. o Dead space in the entries o Sometimes in between the homepage and the full body text there is a lot of blank space. o Simultaneous Update o Again, I’m not sure of the feasibility of this. Since much of our content comes from Wikipedia, to me it makes sense that as information is updated in Wikipedia, it should also update on the Asian Canadian Wikipedia. o Mandate o I think we need to define the mandate to include what differentiates ACW from Wikipedia, why it’s helpful to the average user etc.


Notes from Elena - July 9 2012

  • Ryoko Itabashi – missing her page?
  • Facet Map – links working?

-I go to Facet Map, then click “Montréal” Sinha Danse link goes to (image) a page that says “There is currently no text for this page”

  • How standardized do we want this wiki to be? In terms of Aspects, which ones do we use
  • Is there a way to edit titles of pages?
  • How to delete pages?
  • VJ Pillow – his link does not work anymore.






  • Soft Launch date: Monday, August 27th 2012
  • Hard Launch date: Monday, September 10th 2012


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