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This page demonstrates how Film content can be included by a query and formatted as required.

Here are all the Film entries in Cantonese: Cedar and Bamboo. Or, we can ask who makes films in Cantonese? Director Kamala Todd, Diana Leung. How many films are currently in the Documentary genre? 16.

Here's all the Film entries in the Animation genre:

Here's some more text, this is a regular wiki page with queries in it (view its source by selecting Edit).

Here are the entries in Documentary made in 2007:

  • Generations: The Chan Legacy (2007) - This episode of CBC's "Generations" series profiles the Chan family, whose Canadian roots go back seven generations, beginning with the Reverend Chan Yu Tan and his wife who came to Canada in 1896 to "spread the gospel." Directed by Halva Kuchmij.
  • I am the Canadian Delegate (2007) - About Douglas Jung (1924-2002), a World War II veteran and the first Chinese Canadian member of the House of Commons. Directed by Wesley Lowe.
  • Up the Yangtze (2007) - Focuses on people affected by the building of the Three Gorges Dam across the Yangtze river in Hubei, China. Directed by Yung Chang.

What's the timeline of films?

You need to have JavaScript enabled to view the interactive timeline. Further results for this query.

Who's worked with who?

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