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Ginger Garden




Welcome to Ginger Garden 2014

La version française suivra

Dear friends and curious ones, Ginger Garden 2014 is a potluck gathering to eat, drink, and talk about burning questions and projects in the arts, education and community building. Thirteen presenters, who identify themselves as 1st generation Asians/ mixed race in Canada, will present their most recent works. Each presentation will be followed by Q & A.

The intent of Ginger Garden is to create an intimate space for sharing information and exchanging ideas and to encourage self representations.

Date: Tues. August 19, 2014 Time : 5 -9 pm Place : Simone de Beauvoir Institute, 2170 Bishop, Montréal

You are encouraged to bring a plate, utensils, cup etc. to minimize the waste for the potluck of contributing and sharing food together. Ginger Garden as an event has replaced Chinese Tea Salon in Montréal.

To whet your curiosities, check out some of the presenters coming soon :

Feel free to contact us. See you at Ginger Garden!!

Cordially yours,

Ginger Garden Team

La version française Chers amis et curieux de nouveautés socioculturelles,

Bienvenue au Jardin de gingembre!

Le Jardin de gingembre est un collectif pour discuter de questions pressantes dans les domaines des arts, pour déguster de plats, pour boire, et aussi pour parler des projets d’éducation et de promotion d’activités communautaires. Treize conférenciers, qui s'identifient comme premières générations d’origines asiatiques ou de race mixte au Canada, présenteront leurs exposés. Chaque présentation sera suivie d’une séance de questions et réponses.

Le but du Jardin de gingembre est de créer un espace démocratique et ouvert pour le partage d'information, pour l’échange d'idées et pour encourager les innovations de façon indépendante.

Vous êtes invités à apporter un plat préparé, des ustensiles, des tasses, etc., afin de minimiser les déchets de ce repas collectif et pour contribuer à un partage de différents plats. L’évènement Jardin de gingembre a remplacé l’ancien évènement Salon de thé chinois de Montréal.

Date : le mardi 19 août 2014 Heure : de 17 h à 21 h Lieu : Institut Simone de Beauvoir, 2170, rue Bishop, Montréal.

Pour désaltérer votre soif de curiosité, veuillez consulter les biographies et quelques présentations des conférenciers au site web suivant

Pour toute autre question, n'hésitez pas à communiquer avec nous.

Bienvenue au Jardin de gingembre !


L'équipe du Jardin de gingembre

Event Schedule

5 pm- greetings

5:30 pm-begin presentations, Tracy: moderator-5 mins.

5:35 pm- Shuibo Wang 6 mins.

5:41 pm-Q&A, 6 mins.

5:47 pm- Green Chinatown Montreal, Chao/Miaoyun

5:53 pm-Q&A

5:59 pm- Jie Wu

6:06 pm-Q&A

6:12 pm- Kiran Ambwani

6:18 pm-Q&A

6:36 pm- break-25 mins.

7:01 pm- Veena Gokhale

7:07 pm-Q&A

7: 13 pm- Xiao Dan He

7:19 pm-Q&A

7:25 pm- Sophie Gee

7:31 pm-Q&A

7:37 pm- break, 25 mins.

8 :02 pm- Satoshi Ikeda

8 :08 pm-Q&A

8 :13 pm- Mi Jeong Lee

8 :19 pm-Q&A

9:01 pm- break, open

9:30 pm-begin clean up

Presenters Descriptions and Bios

Tracy Zhang,Moderator

Tracy Zhang is a postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Geography, Planning, and Environment, Concordia University. Her recent research examines international recruitment of Chinese acrobats. She is a member of Art Can Heal Montreal, a collective group of oncology patients and their loved ones, arts therapists, researchers affiliated with Cedars CanSupport.

Shuibo Wang

Shuibo Wang is a Beijing/Montreal based artist and filmmaker, he is also a Guggenheim Fellow and Oscar nominee. He currently teaches at China Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Never Loose My Fist, is a feature documentary directed by Shuibo Wang, it tells the stories of a group of rebellions Punk Rock musicians from the industry city Wuhan in central China.

Kiran Ambwani

Passionate about people, their lifestyle, and the arts, Kiran Ambwani is a professional photographer of Indian origin, now based in Montreal. Kiran's creative vision captivates the editorial and advertising worlds, with a versatile portfolio ranging from portraits to products, lifestyle to landscapes and architecture to abstract images. Kiran freelances for various publications, advertising and press agencies, and non-profit groups. Specializing in portraiture and editorial photography, Kiran's photographs have been published in Vogue, Geo Plein Air, MindFood (Australia), Travesias (Mexico), US Airways, IB World (UK), Le Devoir, Journal Alternatives, Metro, Mirror, and The Bombay Times (India). Kiran's images reflect a sensitivity shaped by her background in anthropology and environmental science and her numerous travels. Driven by a curiosity for the problematics encountered by marginalised populations, Kiran has explored, among others, the lives of Tibetan monks in exile, the survivors of child trafficking in Mumbai, the inhabitants of Asia's largest slum Dharavi, and the indigenous women of Nepal. She has collaborated on several humanitarian projects with NGOs in Canada, India, and Nepal. Apart from commercial work, Kiran has held several group and solo exhibitions of her personal work in Canada and abroad. Kiran is a graduate of McGill University and the Dawson Institute of Photography in Montreal.

Kiran is currently working on 'Objets Cheris'. A public art project, it aims at bringing art and life to the otherwise dull and impersonal walls of the oncology departments in Montreal's wellness facilities. Initiated at Montreal's Notre-Dame Hospital, this installation seeks to inspire people by showcasing patients who have found the inner strength to face the challenges of the disease by engaging in various hobbies and activities. Art is known to have potent therapeutic effects, therefore there is need for art in places of healing. Furthermore, engaging patients in the artistic process can have positive mental health benefits and help them to feel more connected with the hospital and broader community. Creating art encourages vision, hope and imagination, all of which nurture the healing process.

Xiandan He

Xiandan He, born in 1975, has studied film production at the Beijing Film Academy in China from 1993 to 1997. In 2002, Xiaodan directed her first film, The Dance of The Star. In the same year, she moved to Montreal. In 2006, her first short film: Cairo Calling, has screenings in over 50 festivals around the world. In 2009, her documentary The Fall of Womenland is distributed in the TV of Canada and the other countries. Xiaodan is working on her first feature film, Pear Tree Blossoms.

Pear Tree Blossoms is a feature film of co-production between Canada and China. Li Fang, a Chinese immigrant has been living in Montreal for 10 years. Physically infertile and her violent separation from Eric, her québécois husband, has pushed her to the brink of despair. Escaping the chaos in Montreal, Li Fang travels to her birthplace and visits her grandfather in Dazu, a small district in south China. There, she hides the troubles she left behind but suffers from the sorrow and hate she keeps for her old love. The calmness of her granddad, the support of her childhood friends and being witness to their own problems and sufferings, helps her break the impasse in her life.

Jie Wu

Jie is doing his program of Master in Film Studies at the University of Montreal. His thesis work focuses on the impact of technological innovations on the film industry.

Veena Gokhale

Journalist, fiction writer, communications coordinator, project manager and educator. Worked in South Asia, Canada and Tanzania. Created issue-based, illustrated storybooks and developed and delivered workshops on “Using stories for social change.” Looking to build a professional team to apply the stories for social change concept in practice.

My topic is called Using Stories for Social Change. I am going to talk about my own experience in this realm, it's going to be quite informal, and then ask people who may be interested in being on a team to take my project forward, to connect with me. Typically I'm looking for people with experience in video, film, radio, comic books and graphic novels, those who work in online or video games as also people who have started communications businesses. (But it could be others who are just inspired by my project and have some relevant skills.)

Sophie Gee

Sophie Gee is a graduate of the National Theatre School of Canada’s Directing Programme. Born and raised in Alberta, Sophie spent many years in London, UK before relocating to Montreal where she presents creations under the name Nervous Hunter. Works include The Phaedra Project (No! I! Don't! Want! To! Fall! in! Love! With! You!) (MAI, Montreal), I Am Such a Small Container for All This (SEAS Festival, Iceland), Domestik (Eastern Bloc, Montreal), and Estate (Festival Occupe Bain St Michel).

Sophie is currently working on an adaptation of a play looking the effects a factory collapse has on a Chinese-Canadian family. This bilingual (English/Mandarin) play will be workshopped in Toronto late August/September under the guidance of Governor-General nominated playwright David Yee of Fugen Theatre Company.

Satoshi Ikeda

Satoshi Ikeda teaches sociology at Concordia University. Aside from his academic activities, he engages in community development initiatives on campus and in the community. The projects he has been involved include Green Chinatown Montreal, Concordia Food Coalition (Hive Café, Burritoville, Rooftop Garden, etc.), and Transitions NDG. His wants to create alternatives to the corporate economy through the promotion of social economy based on giving, sharing, and reciprocal exchange.

This presentation reflects on personal transformation from an academician to a community activist and artist. Following the images of a journey, the presentation traces major turns in his life that led to the current state. It will conclude with the works of art he is currently engaging in.

Miaoyun Zhou

Miaoyun Zhou is graduated from Concordia University, major in Urban Studies. Miaoyun loves traveling, photography and everything related to food. She joined in this amazing project Green Chinatown Montreal in 2013 and she helped to introduce fresh locally grown vegetables delivery service to senior residences first time in Chinatown. Now she is learning interior design at LaSalle College and she would like to combine the idea of urban agriculture into her design process in future.

Chao Zeng

Chao Zeng is a recent graduate from civil engineering of Concordia University. He was born in China and had studied at Concordia as an international student. He is interested in the urban agriculture and sustainable engineering design. He was a volunteer of Sustainable Concordia and Habitat for Humanity (Montreal, Quebec), and had joined many conferences and workshops about green engineering and food justice. He is a member of “Green Chinatown Montreal” garden. Green Chinatown Montreal garden existing for 4 years has been to create a community environment by exploring and developing urban gardening in Chinatown with locally alternative food culture.

Mi-jeong Lee

Mi-jeong Lee is an independent filmmaker, writer, video artist, and curator. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and began her professional career as a journalist from 1984, then her interest shifted onto arts and became a practitioner in arts since her migration to Montreal in 1991. She is currently completing her Ph.D research-creation in the department of Études et Pratiques des Arts at Université de Québec à Montréal and a member of Senselab - a laboratory for thought in motion - that is affiliated with Concordia University, where she works as an Asian cinema consultant. Her Korean-language novelization of the Luc Besson's film "Le Grand Bleu" was published in 1993 in Korea. Lee opened up her knowledge of world cinema by watching films and meeting Asian filmmakers at various international film festivals. Her first film script project, Naked Fish, was award to receive a script development funding from National Film Board of Canada in 1995 as a foreign student. This proposition influenced her to reside in Montreal and began filmmaking. Her independent film works are "I Am the Park", "Façcades", "Underground", "Breathe", as well as the video installation piece "Turn Around." Living in Canada as an Asian, she became intricately interest in the issues of Asian culture and identity, which resulted in her founding of Asian film-related festivals and activities since twenty years ago, as well as a non-profit organization: Ciné-Asie (, AmérAsia Asian Film Festival (, Korean Film Festival (, and production/distribution company CINEASIE Creatives (

Subject of the presentation: I raise a question very often to myself, "Why am I struggling to keep on the 4th edition of AmérAsia Montreal Film Festival as a filmmaker? My presentation will be about my ongoing problem as an art practitioner.

Chinese Tea Salon in Montreal 2013

This event is a special occasion with a visiting professor at Concordia, Olive/Li Hui, who teaches in China about Chinese Canadian writers and exciting post doc pre doc and interested Chinese Montrealers working on engaging subjects. Some of the presenters are: Tracy Zhang, Alice Jim, Alan Wong, Cheryl Sim, Chen Fang, Joanne Hui, Parker Mah and Leslie Cheung.

Anyone can take the floor as an impromptu 5 mins. presentation. This gathering is inspired from tea house in China, (茶館, cháguăn or 茶屋, cháwū), traditionally similar to the American cafe but centred on tea and to chat, eat and socialize. As a potluck where each contributes a dish or refreshments to share collectively, please also bring your own plate, utensils, cup etc. to minimalize any waste.

You are most welcome to present for 5 mins. on your doc post doc or interests. Please contact us. Presenter descriptions and video presentations will be available on:

Event Date: Wed. July 24, 2013 Time: 5-9 pm Place: Simone de Beauvoir Institute, 2170 Bishop

See you soon!!

Cordially yours,

Tea Salon team and "Asian Canadian Wiki" <>,

This Montreal tea salon was inspired by the many tea houses by Mary Wong.

Event Schedule

5 pm- sharing potluck meal and chatting

6 pm- presenters: Olive, Alice (no video), Tracy, Alan, Cheryl, Leslie (5 mins. presentation + 5 mins. Q&A x 6 presenters = 60 mins.)

7 pm-break

7: 20 presenters: Parker, Fang, Joanne (no video), Rajee (no video) (5 mins. presentation + 5 mins. Q&A x 5 presenters = 50 mins. + one impromptu presenter @ 10 mins.

8:20 pm-break

8:40 pm-2 impromptu presenters & Q&A = 20 mins.

9 pm-break

Presenters Descriptions and Bios</br>

Olive Li Hui

Associate Professor, The Canadian Studies Center, College of Foreign Languages and Cultures, Sichuan University Chinese Canadian Women Writers

Ever since the emergence of the Chinese Canadian literature more than 100 years ago, the Chinese Canadian women writers have been writing actively about their unique living experiences and spiritual quest. My research is about the major Chinese Canadian women writers to highlight their contributions not only to the Chinese Canadian literature but also to the Chinese Canadians’ history.
File:A CV from Olive.pdf
File:Chinese Canadian Women Writers.pdf

Alice Ming Wai Jim, Moderator

Performing Asian/Americas To think of Asian/Americas is to question how diasporic identities can be rendered beyond nation-state, global north, third and first world paradigms, and divisive dichotomies, I.e. East/West, North/South. I will present our call for workgroup participants in upcoming Encuentro in Montreal organized by NYU’s Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics and Concordia University, June 2014.

Alice Ming Wai Jim is Associate Professor of Contemporary Art at Concordia University, Montreal. Recent publications and exhibitions include ‘How to Occupy Retreat: dOCUMENTA (13) from Kassel to Banff’ in the Journal of Curatorial Studies and ‘Yam Lau: A World is a Model of a World’ at the Darling Foundry.

Tracy Zhang

Tracy Zhang is a post-doctoral fellow in the department of Geography, Planning, and Environment at Concordia University and holds a doctorate in Communication Studies from Simon Fraser University. Most of her research explores the changing experiences of life and work in the cultural industries. The objective of her on-going research project is two-fold. First she examines the modern history of acrobatics in the People's Republic of China. Second, she investigates Cirque du Soleil’s recruitment strategies in the case of Chinese acrobats, including the implications of that strategy for the Montreal cultural sector and institutions.

Alan Wong

My research focuses on activists in Montreal whose bodies are marked by the intersections of sexuality, race, ethnicity, colonization, gender, and class, paying particular attention to their deployments of subjectivity in seeking ways to belong and, consequently, perform their activisms in the face of the discursive violence enacted upon them. Alan Wong

Alan Wong is a teacher in the English department at Vanier College. He recently celebrated the successful defense of his dissertation and will receive his PhD this fall. His research interests include race, sexuality, activism, and community-based performance. He is also a community organizer in Montreal.

Cheryl Sim

The Fitting Room: Canadian women of Chinese Heritage and the Cheongsam This research-creation PhD explores the relationship between the cheongsam and Canadian women of Chinese heritage born between 1965 and 1985. The final project will be an installation that responds to two inter-related questions; what are the current attitudes, ideas and wearing practices of the cheongsam and how can the richness of these responses be presented as an installation?

Cheryl Sim is Curator of research-creation projects at the Phi Centre as well as Associate Curator at DHC/ART Foundation for Contemporary Art. She is currently a PhD candidate in the études et pratiques des arts program at UQÀM. In a parallel life she is a

Leslie Cheung

Leslie Cheung is a PhD Candidate in the Department of Sociology at McGill University, with previous degrees in Public Policy and Social Work. Her dissertation looks at the intersection of race and language in the negotiation of competing host identities among second-generation immigrants in the Quebec context. She is currently doing her fieldwork in Montreal, seeking to interview second-generation youth (born in Quebec or arrived in Quebec before the age of 5, with at least one immigrant parent) between the ages of 18 and 35 from Filipino, Vietnamese, Anglo-Caribbean, and Haitian backgrounds.

Parker Mah

Parker will briefly present the feature-length film Être Chinois au Québec (Being Chinese in Quebec), a documentary presenting the young generation of Chinese in Quebec through reflections and interviews on issues of identity, integration and the impacts of discriminatory policies such as the Chinese head tax and the Chinese Exclusion Act in Canada.

Parker Mah was born in Vancouver in the year of the Rooster. A trained jazz pianist, he also counts photography and multimedia installations among his creative endeavors. His artistic involvement in the Asian community began with the New Voices Project, aimed at promoting the distinct cultural identity of the new generation of young Asian-Canadians. He is now based in Montreal and recently participated in a feature-length documentary exploring the identity of young Chinese-Quebecers.

Parker Mah est né à Vancouver durant l'année du coq. Formé comme pianiste de jazz, il compte également la photographie et les installations multimédias parmi les cordes à son arc créatif. Son engagement artistique dans la communauté asiatique a commencé avec le projet Nouvelles Voix, qui visait à promouvoir l'identité culturelle distincte d'une nouvelle génération de jeunes Asiatiques canadiens. Il vit maintenant à Montréal et a participé récemment à la production d'un documentaire long-métrage sur l'identité des jeunes Sino-québécois.

Joanne Joe Yan Hui

Thesis Title: Fluid Terrains: Mobile Subjectivity in the Graphic Narrative Travelogue

Joanne Hui is an artist and doctoral student in the Humanities PhD Program at the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies in Society and Culture at Concordia University. Her research investigates concepts of identity in comic art, particularly how graphic arts addresses culturally-specific and historical conditions of migration and immigration.

Research Interests

Comic Art and the Graphic Novel Travelogue

Ethnocultural Art History

Asian North American Literature

Post-Colonial, Diasporic and Transnational Studies

André Ho

André Ho is currently a master student in social work at UQAM. Since the last 15 years, he helps and is involved among organizations helping people with (mental and social) problems. His interests are in mental health, inter-cultural issues and contributions to the communities. For his master project, he will produce a documentary called Banane et bambou about how immigrants from China build their identity. One of the goal of his project is to study identity-related issues in a highly diversified and complex social context. The beginning of his project will be in October 2013. If you are interested to be part of the project, email him at :

Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill

Rajee Paña Jeji Shergill is an interdisciplinary artist and current Master’s student in Art History at Concordia University. Her thesis examines artworks that engage with family accounts of trauma and personal memories related to the Partition of the Indian subcontinent. She is interested in transgenerational transmission as a key interpretative lens and investigative focus within the study of historical trauma associated with the Partition.

mihee-nathalie lemoine

mihee-nathalie lemoine (a.k.a kimura byol) is a multimedia artist and curator, born in korea (south), raised in belgium, and immigrated to canada. "zer" visual work was exhibited solo and in group (seoul, tokyo, kyoto, hong-kong, taipei, berlin, brussels, lille, grenoble, montreal, vancouver, los angeles, new york). her poems, essay and critics have been published in the u.s., south korea and Japan. her videos were screened in korea, japan, hong-kong, tunisia, belgium, france, canada and the u.s. lemoine-kimura works on diasporic identity, question gender and play with words. lemoine believes in social justice and therefore dosn't like capital letters.

Henry Tsang

Henry Tsang is a visual and media artist whose work has been exhibited internationally. His projects incorporate digital media, video, photography, language and sculptural elements in the exploration of the relationship between the public, community and identity through global flows of people, culture and capital. Examples include video installations Orange County, 2004, and Olympus, 2006, shot in California, Beijing, Torino and Vancouver, demonstrating a complex understanding of overlapping urban and socio-political spaces; Napa North, 2008, exploring the relationship between wine, real estate and cultural translation in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley; and the Maraya project, with M. Simon Levin and Glen Lowry, that investigates the uncanny similarities between Vancouver’s False Creek and the Dubai Marina in the United Arab Emirates. His public artwork, Welcome to the Land of Light, is a 100 metre-long installation located on the seawall handrail along Vancouver’s False Creek. Comprised of fibre optic cable lighting and marine-grade aluminum lettering, it literally underscores Chinook Jargon, a 19th Century local trade language, and the English that replaced it, to speak about the promise of technology and how different cultures have come to live together in that part of the world.

Day’s Lee

Day’s Lee is the author of the children’s picture book, "The Fragrant Garden," which was named “Our Choice” by the Canadian Children’s Book Centre in 2007. Her latest book is a young adult novel entitled "Guitar Hero." Her short stories which have appeared in anthologies including "The Ladies Killing Circle," have been nominated for the Arthur Ellis award for the Best Mystery Short Story of the Year, won honourable mention in the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s short story contest, and placed third in Storyteller Magazine’s annual short story contest.

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