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Natsuko Omaha

This article based on content from URL of site. Original version:

"Natsuko Ohama trained under Kristin Linklater, Peter Kass, Trish Arnold, and Joseph Chaikin at the Working Theatre in New York and she is a founding member and permanent faculty of Shakespeare and Company Lenox, Mass. She has taught at numerous institutions including NYU, Cal Arts, Columbia University, the Sundance Institute, NYU, the New Actors Workshop, the Stratford Festival Ontario, and was the Director of Training at the National Arts Center of Canada. She is a certified Joy of Phonetics teacher trained by Louis Colaianni. A Drama Desk nominated actress, she has portrayed roles ranging from Juliet to Lady Macbeth from Hamlet to Prospero (Los Angeles Women's Shakespeare Company), from action films Speed and Pirates of the Caribbean 2, to the cult series Forever Knight and American Playhouse on PBS. She heads the voice progression for the MFA Acting Program at USC and has an extensive private teaching practice in New York."[1]

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