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Ajit H. Someshwar

Ajit H. Someshwar is an Indo-Canadian entrepreneur, philanthropist and social activist based in Toronto, Canada. He is President & CEO of CSI Group of Companies.<ref></ref><ref></ref> As per the Canadian Immigrant (magazine) (owned by the Toronto Star), he owns and has investments in dozens of others companies from custom draperies to real estate.<ref></ref> He is the co-founder and outgoing National Convenor of the Canada India Foundation -- a public policy organization.<ref>CIF Executives</ref> Someshwar is appointee of the Government of Canada Board of the Export Development Canada<ref></ref> -- Canada's export credit agency, offering innovative commercial solutions to help Canadian exporters and investors expand their international business. Prior to this, during the 2008-2009 global recession crises, Canadian finance minister Jim Flaherty appointed Someshwar to a 11-member advisory panel along with likes of Mike Lazaridis, Annette Verschuren and Geoff Beattie to advise him on the federal budget and the economy.<ref></ref> It was announced that Someshwar, along with the other 10 members were only paid a dollar a year for their insight.

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