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Andy Quan


Sydney Australia (Born in Vancouver)

Published books

TitleExtended titleYear of Publication
Swallowing CloudsSwallowing Clouds-An Anthology of Chinese Canadian Poetry 19992002

Andy Quan is a Chinese-Canadian author who now lives in Sydney, Australia. In his writing, he frequently explores the ways in which sexual identity and cultural identity interact. Quan is openly gay.

Andy is the author of four books, the poetry collections Bowling Pin Fire and Slant, a book of short fiction, Calendar Boy and one of gay erotica, Six Positions. He was the co-editor of Swallowing Clouds, an Anthology of Chinese Canadian Poetry. His fiction, poetry, erotica, sex writing and essays have appeared in over sixty anthologies, literary journals and magazines in North America, Australia, Spain and the United Kingdom. Born in Vancouver of Cantonese origins, he lived in Toronto, London, and Brussels before settling in Sydney, Australia in 1999.

After working in policy and project management in the international response to HIV, he now works as an editor and copywriter.

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