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Baljit Sethi


Prince George B.C.

Ms. Baljit Sethi has dedicated her life to helping immigrants to Canada and pursuing equality and justice for all Canadians.

Born in Lahore, India, Ms. Sethi immigrated to Canada in 1972. In 1974, she began working with the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia as a family counsellor and then as a Settlement Counsellor, assisting newcomers to Canada with settlement services.

In 1976, she founded the Immigrant Services Society of Prince George, now known as the Immigrant and Multicultural Services Society (IMSS). Through her work with IMSS Ms. Sethi fostered multicultural programs and the promotion of racial harmony.

She encouraged interaction of immigrants with the host community and was instrumental in promoting multiculturalism in Prince George, thereby benefitting all of northern British Columbia.

Through 38 years of dedicated service to newcomers’ integration and the promotion of multiculturalism, Ms. Sethi has changed the community’s outlook. An artist in her own right (as an author, painter and performing artist for many years), she is also an activist and advocate for immigrant women and seniors and has become a source of inspiration to them and the community at large.

Ms. Sethi has dedicated herself to improving the quality of life in Prince George by providing extraordinary support for immigrants and refugees and by advancing women’s equality.