C.C.Y.A.A. - Canadian Chinese Youth Athletics Association

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C.C.Y.A.A. - Canadian Chinese Youth Athletics Association

The Canadian Chinese Youth Athletic Association (CCYAA) is a registered, non-profit organization whose main objectives include promoting sports, fair play, and a sense of community for Chinese youth across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Established in 1995, the CCYAA currently organizes a range of programs and events that service over 2,000 participants annually. These programs include seasonal sport leagues, special events, and programs. The CCYAA holds a very prominent role in the basketball community; it organizes numerous tournaments and leagues in venues across the GTA that cater to every demographic.

In terms of basketball development, the organization provides training to over 1,000 youths each year through a variety of programs such as the Steve Nash Youth Basketball League. Also, the CCYAA annually sponsors rep teams for women and for boys (18 & under) from Toronto to compete in national tournaments held in the United States.

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