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Musicians and collaborators[edit]

Constantinople is a performing ensemble that draws its inspiration from the music of the Mediterranean, Medieval and Renaissance Europe, and Middle-Eastern musical traditions. Constantinople presents a new form of musical expression, born of a wellspring of transformation and integration of divers traditions from the Middle Ages and today, from here and abroad.

the ensemble provides a forum for cross-fertilization among various musical cultures, both within the ensemble itself and with its guest artists. Constantinople endeavours to consolidate the ties among these cultures by cultivating a unique mode of musical expression -a musical vocabulary that has grown out of extensive research into the history and esthetics of the musical traditions into which it delves, combined with freshness and creativity.

Constantinople has given numerous performances in Canada, in Mexico and in Europe. Last two years, the ensemble has been performing in France, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, Greece, Lebanon, Mexico and Canada among others. Many of these have been broadcast on the CBC/Radio-Canada radio network. Winners of the Discovery of the Year Award from Opus Gala in 2003, Constantinople have been the Ensemble in residence at Radio-Canada for the 2004-2005 season.

The ensemble is a member of the Conseil Quebecois de la Musique and receives funding from the Conseil des Arts et des Lettres du Quebec, Canada Council for the Arts and from Le Conseil des Arts de Montreal.

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