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David Usher is a British-born Canadian singer-songwriter. Formerly the frontman for the alternative rock band Moist, he embarked on a solo career beginning in 1997 and has released seven solo albums to date.

David Usher was born in Oxford, England to a Thai Buddhist, artist Samphan Usher, and a Jewish Montrealer, Dan Usher, who is a professor of economics at Queen's University. He has lived in various places such as Malaysia, New York City, California and Thailand since early childhood, before his family settled in Kingston, ON. He attended high school at Kingston Collegiate and Vocational Institute. Usher attended Simon Fraser University in Burnaby, British Columbia, majoring in political science. His degree would later influence his music career.

Usher is a humanist, and has been involved in such causes as War Child Canada, White Ribbon Campaign and Amnesty International. Usher is featured in the acclaimed 2001 MuchMusic special Musicians in the WarZone, a humanitarian documentary produced by War Child Canada, directed by filmmaker Liz Marshall. In it Usher journeys to the northern border of Thailand to visit a large Burmese refugee community.

Usher married Sabrina Reeves, photographer and co-artistic director for the Bluemouth Inc. performance theatre company, in 1997. They have two daughters, Coco born January 10, 2003, and Océane Danayia born April 28, 2008.

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