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Dr. Shue Tuck Wong


North Vancouver

Education and Career


Educated at Anglo-Chinese School (ACS), Seremban, Malaysia (1946-1952)

Attended King George V School, (KGV), Seremban, Malaysia (1952-1953)

Taught at ACS Afternoon School, Seremban, Malaysia (1953-1954)

Taught at Chan Wa High School, Seremban, Malaysia (1954-1955)

B.A. (Geography), Augustana College, Rock Island, Illinois (1955-1959)

M.A. (Southeast Asian Studies), Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut (1959-1960)

Ph.D. (Geography), University of Chicago, Chicago, Illinois (1960-l968)


Current Position: Professor Emeritus of Geography

Previous Positions:

Research Assistant, Department of Geography, University of Chicago, 1960-1962.

Resources Analyst, Resources Division, Northeastern Illinois Planning Commission, 1962-1965.

Urban Transport Planner, Research Division, Chicago Area Transportation Study, 1965-1966.

Assistant Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, 1967-1969.

Associate Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, 1970-1975.

Associate Professor, Division of Community & Regional Development, Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), 1976-1978.


Previous Positions:

Professor, Division of Human Settlements Development, AIT, 1978-1979.

Professor, Department of Geography, Simon Fraser University, 1980-1999.

Professor Emeritus, SFU, 2000-

Past Visiting Positions:

Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Geography, University of Victoria, Summer 1972.

Visiting Associate Professor, Division of Community and Regional Development, AIT, 1976-78.

Visiting Professor, Division of Human Settlements Development, AIT, 1978-1979.

Visiting Seconded International Faculty Member of the Canadian University Consortium (CUC), to AIT, Summer 1989.

Visiting Sessional Professor, Department of Geography, University of British Columbia, Fall 1999.

Visiting Scholar, National Taiwan Normal University, Spring 2002.


Dr. Wong is originally from Seremban, Malaysia. He has taught in the Department of Geography at Simon Fraser University since 1967. In 1976 he was seconded by the Canadian International Development Agency to the Asian Institute of Technology in Bangkok to teach quantitative analysis and human settlements planning in the Division of Human Settlements Development. He stayed at AIT teaching and supervising field research projects as a Canadian seconded faculty member till 1979. He returned to Simon Fraser University in the summer of 1979 and resumed his regular duties as a Professor of Geography.

At Simon Fraser University the courses he taught included economic geography, population geography, political geography, resources development and urban transportation.


Institute of International Education Exchange Student to Augustana College, 1955-1959.

Yale Scholar Award, 1960.

Institute of World Affairs Award, Summer 1960.

University of Chicago Fellow, 1960-1962.

American Men and Women of Science, 1973.

Recipient of several S.F.U. President Research Grants, 1969-1975.

Canada Council Award for West Vancouver Flood Study, 1974-1976.

Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA) Faculty Award 1978-1979.

Asian Institute of Technology President Research Grant Award, 1979.

CIDA Seconded International Faculty Member to AIT Award, 1976-1979.

Elected a Member of Sigma Xi, The Scientific Research Society, 1985.

Asia-Pacific University Scholar's Award, B.C. Ministry for Advanced Education Training and Technology, Victoria, 1992.

Augustana College Alumni Association, Outstanding Achievement Award, 1999.

National Taiwan Normal University Visiting Scholar Award, Spring 2002.

Canadian Who’s Who, 2002-


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