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Gordon Joseph Chong is a Toronto politician and public servant. He has served as a city of Toronto councillor and was vice-chairman of the Toronto Transit Commission. He served on the board of GO Transit from 2000 to 2006 including periods as vice-chairman of GO Transit and chairman. He has also served as chairman of the Greater Toronto Services Board.

A dentist by profession, Chong represented a downtown Toronto ward on city council from 1980 until he was defeated by newcomer Jack Layton in 1982. He returned to Metro Council in the 1990s representing a suburban North York ward of Don Parkway Ward 11 from 1994 until 2000 when he retired from electoral politics.

In the 1987 provincial election, Chong was a Progressive Conservative candidate in York Mills, losing by 3000 votes to Liberal Brad Nixon.

In 2010 he served as a part of new mayor Rob Ford's transition team.

In 2011, without conducting a search or interviewing other candidates, he was given a $100,000-a-year salary by Rob Ford to head up the Toronto Transit Commission’s consulting subsidiary.

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