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Guru Nanak's Free Kitchen

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The Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, concept was developed in the summer of 2007 when a group of like minded individuals got together and wanted to help with feeding those in need in Vancouver and do so by encouraging Sikh youth and organizations to volunteer their time and services.

The practice of langar – the communal kitchen and seva – the selfless service of humanity; philosophies taught by our first Guru, Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji many hundreds of years ago. For the Sikh community, this project is not missionary in nature, instead it is an opportunity for us to extend this true Sikh spirit of helping those in need regardless of caste, colour, creed, and economic status.

This first free kitchen event took place in November/December 2007 and was a six day program that attracted hundreds of volunteers and most importantly we are proud to say it did make a real difference that week to those in need. Subsequent events are now taking place on a weekly and monthly schedule and please check in with this website for schedule updates.

This project is a collective effort by the entire Sikh community.

If you would like to contact Guru Nanak’s Free Kitchen, email is the best method through – please do note that we are volunteers and sometimes it takes a little while to respond to all inquires.

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