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Jack Kachkar (b. February 19, 1963) is CEO of Inyx, Inc, a speciality in pharmaceutical company founded in 2003. In addition to focusing on investments in the healthcare industry, Jack Kachkar also currently manages his family's real estate, property development and commodity investments.

Kachkar was born in Damascus, Syria to Armenian parents (Mihran Missak Kachkar; née Kachkarian). His parents were Armenians from Syria.

Kachkar immigrated to Canada in September, 1969, from Lebanon. He attended school and University of Alberta in Edmonton prior to transferring to Hungary where he attained a medical degree, summa cum laude.

In 2005, the High Court in Ireland restricted Kachkar under the Companies Act: Mitek Holdings Ltd v Companies Act [2005] IEHC 63.<ref>[1]</ref> The order was upheld following an appeal to the Irish Supreme Court.<ref>The Irish Times, "Canadian bidding for Marseille football club to appeal Companies Act restriction", January 30, 2007</ref>

Kachkar tried to purchase Olympique de Marseille football club in early 2007.<ref>http://sportsillustrated.cnn.com/2007/soccer/03/01/bc.soccer.france.marseille.ap/index.html</ref> Marseilles' boss broke off talks in March 2007 after the Canadian businessman asked for further due diligence required by his bankers to pay the €115,000,000 price for him to take over the former European champions.

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