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Jus Reign



A young desi comedian from Guelph, ON. Jus specializes in creating web content such as comedic skits, parodies, and re-enactments of every day life in forms of online video and stand-up. His passion for comedy and creating media content started at a young age, lying within the roots of making home videos and presenting standup to his close family and friends. With the creation of online media and the popular website Youtube, Jus Reign took the opportunity to present his humour and talent in the summer of '09 to a wide array of audiences through easily accessible online content.

The aim of Jus Reign's comedy is not only put a smile on the faces of many, but to do it in a positive manner that promotes his rich culture, heritage and people, portraying the uniqueness of the strong values and beliefs desi, sikh, and punjabi people hold, and breaking down any negative stereotypes that might affect this community.

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