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[edit] Leveraging social media


Social media brands

[edit] 1. Building an Audience (Using Ping.fm and the Following Tools)

Using Ping.fm users will be able to post to multiple social networks simultaneously.

Once you set up ping.fm, create a Facebook Page which is tied to the service as it will appear in News Feeds every time users update the Page’s status. Creating a Facebook Event is also key, as well as having guests and members update their own status.

[edit] 2.Optimize the event for social media sharing

With smartphones, users are able to stream key portions of events, keeping in mind that users don’t have to stream everything – just the good stuff. Live services like qik.com make this possible, and, if not, users can always use www.youtube.com. One can also do live-polling with a tool like www.polleverywhere.com.

[edit] 3. Post-event social media communication

To ensure that your event leaves a lasting impression, users are able to upload photos to Flickr and post videos on YouTube.

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