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Mi-Jeong Lee

Mi-Jeong Lee is an independent artist: filmmaker, writer, moving-image artist and curator. She was born in Seoul, South Korea and began her career as a journalist in the field of culture and arts since 1984. Since her migration to Canada for her graduate studies in 1993, she explored her artistic activism through media and visual arts, and theoretical development that express a new geographic expression which traverses between the East and the West. Lee's work foregrounded in her life experience of migration, foreignness, liminality of time and space. Particularly, the nexus of her artistic materials emerges in the observation of the everydayness. In the different mode of display, a trivial encountering time and space is expressed in the use of multi-disciplined arts with no boundary that turns into a new mode of language, which has been a way of expressing and mobilising her social, cultural and artistic engagement in act.

Lee is completed her Ph.D dissertation that is composed of a research-creation at Études et Pratiques des Arts in Fine Art at Université de Québec à Montréal, and is ahead of oral defence as the final stage. She is a visiting scholar of the Senselab at Concordia University, a member of GEM Lab, and Figuar at UQAM.

Lee was offered to write the novel that is based on the film, "Le Grand Blue" directed by Luc Besson, while working as the journalist in Korea and this work was published in 1993, Korea. Her first film screenplay project, "Naked Fish," was picked up in the primary stage by the National Film Board of Canada in 1995 for its script development and making the film in 1995 when she was a foreign student-status. This proposition influenced her to reside in Montreal and turning into the field of "making" rather than "watching and analysing others". Her short films are "I Am the Park", "Façcades", "Underground", "Breathe", as well as the video installation pieces "Turn Around," "More (T)here: Midnight to 4Am". Her recent installation, "The Body That Hums: Ungnyeo's Cave (몸, 그 울림: 웅녀의 동굴) is composed of multi-platforms and disciplines that frees go beyond any boundary/threshold of mediums and materiality. Living in Canada as an Asian artist, her interest continues to emerge finding a new mode of expression as a language that expands one's understanding and experiencing of culture and arts. In this vein, Lee has launched and activated Asian-related film festivals, art activities and her own practices since her migration to the West. For further information, please visit at, the non-profit organisation activities: Ciné-Asie (, AmérAsia Asian Film Festival (, Korean Film Festival (


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