Meeting September 3, 2012

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[edit] Meeting Minutes September 3 2012

[edit] Agenda

  1. Design
  2. Check-in with researchers
  3. Importing AC Lists
  4. Soft Launch

[edit] Design

  • Design 1 - approved
  • Design 1 - soft launch Wednesday September 6th
  1. Front page – rough version for September 27
  2. Background image - stay with white for now

[edit] Check-in with Researchers

  • Interest in recruiting volunteers for translating ACW material (esp. into asian languages). Elena to contact - David to look into adding languages
  • Banner for recruiting volunteers for translation - David- Yes
  • Articles - Rob will write one, Elena will write one
  • Elena will write press release/translation into French for September 10th
  • addition of 400 new entries by end of November

[edit] Importing AC lists

  • David has Elena's list
  • Elena to upload list into Googledocs

[edit] Soft Launch

  • Small group test - send-out Wednesday September 6th

Next meeting: Monday September 17 6pm EST

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