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Musique Multi-Montréal (MMM) was established in 1990 after its founder, trained musician Liette Gauthier, discovered and became fascinated by musical expressions from the four corners of the world. She believes that the diversity of musical techniques provide an inexhaustible source of renewal and inspiration for creating music. The organization is also focused on bringing together artists from all of these different cultures to benefit a public that is increasingly aware of the beauty of diversity and affinity among peoples.

MMM organizers set out to share this love of world music by creating an annual festival to enable local musicians hailing from all over the world to showcase their multiple talents and hitherto unheard musical styles—on the same stage.

The MMM Festival is a driver of inspiration, an incubator of musical invention and a unique forum for artists and the public. A wide audience that is tuned in to the richness, quality and originality of the repertoire ensures a loyal following for the event.

Every year, MMM develops innovative programming that brings together a large number of talented, yet underexposed, artists and successfully brings together communities of different origins that, though traditionally irreconcilable at times, are united by their musical affinities.


MMM provides unique expertise to increase visibility and gain recognition for local professional artists of all origins through the rapprochement and convergence of cultures.

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