National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2011

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National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2011


Montréal Toronto Calgary Vancouver

National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2011[edit]

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Reaching out with performances by artists from Montreal, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver including Kathak dancer Sudeshna Maulik accompanied by percussionist Shawn Matievetsky; Hip-Hop dancer Michel LIM with Erich « Ddimplz Jack » and Sandy « Did » Béland; musicians Saxon Fraser and Fred Nguyen; and also musicians Kiya and Ziya Tabassian, from the Ensemble Constantinople.

For the full schedule of the National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2011 in EDT (Montreal time), please scroll down.

Montreal Event Details[edit]

3 pm to 7 pm (Eastern Daylight Time EDT, Montreal time)
3536, Saint-Laurent Boulevard (Subway Saint-Laurent station)
Free admission

To encourage exchange between provinces and communities, Festival Accès Asie shares with you “Reaching Out”, a video conference with performances, speakers and public interaction between four different cities in Canada. The Festival will host this year a video conference in which representants from the Canadian Asian Heritage Month will interact through their performances. Through this cyber-technology, three performances of music and dance by Festival Accès Asie will be broadcast live and programmed at Ex-Centris with other speakers, performances and public discussion with Calgary, Toronto and Vancouver.

Festival Accès Asie

Biography of the Montreal Asian Heritage Month representative:
Janet Lumb, co-founder and artistic director of Festival has designed this project to enable encounters between four Canadian cities. “Reaching Out” continues the Festival’s objectives to create and meet, despite the distances, allowing the public to discover the talents of Asian artists in Montreal and in Canada. Inspired to defy Canada’s geographic boundaries, she brings artists, audiences and communities together from across the country.

From Montreal, multidisciplinary performances combine colorful cultural heritage and modernity through music, traditional dance and also hip hop. The audience on site or via the videoconferencing will, indeed, have the pleasure of attending a performance of Indian Kathak dancer, with internationally renowned [ Sudeshna Maulik], accompanied by Shawn Mativetsky, Indian tabla virtuoso, a musical instrument percussion. This event will also feature a performance by the Montreal breakdancer Michel Lim, accompanied on stage with hip hop dancers Erich “Ddimplz Jack” and Sandy “Did” Béland. Saxon Fraser and Fred Nguyen will also share with us their musical talents. Finally, musicians from the Ensemble Constantinople, Kiya and Ziya Tabassian will perform. The Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto audiences will have the chance to witness these live Montreal performances as well as the pleasure of discovering speakers, publics and artists from the other cities.

Sudeshna Maulik – Kathak dancer and Shawn Mativetsky – percussionist
Versatile tabla player, Shawn Mativetsky is just as comfortable in the traditional music of India, in world music and in contemporary music. He has also contributed music for dance and theater as a composer and performer. Giving lectures, workshops and performances across the world, he undertakes to inform the public about tabla and traditional music from India. Based in Montreal, he is teaching tabla and percussion at McGill University. During this performance, he will accompany the renowned Indian Kathak dancer Sudeshna Maulik. Considered by the German press as representing “the very best in Eastern dance”, Sudeshna was introduced to Kathak dance from an early age following the teachings of great gurus like Pt Chitresh Das or Padmabhibhushan Birju Maharaj, a living legend of Kathak. She has since danced in numerous countries such as Russia, China, Taiwan, United States, in Europe and of course Canada, where she has lived since 2007 and is known for her teaching and performance of Kathak.

Michel 'Boombeast' Lim – Hip-Hop dancer
The breakdancer was born and raised in Montreal. He learned to street dance from the age of 14. By joining the group Area 51, he made his Hip-Hop debut in Montreal. He has participated in many known and recognized local and international events in the field of Hip-Hop, such as 'War is War', 'Battle of the Year' and 'Battle JFL'. His experience on stage with his team has given him the desire to learn more about the performing arts. His interest has always focused on the styles of street dance but since 2004, Michel Lim has been more oriented towards more funky styles (popping, locking, roboting ,...). He has also collaborated with Hip-Hop choreographers such as Steve Bolton, Alexandra “Spicey” Landé and Natasha “Tash” Jean-Bart. In recent years he has worked more closely with dance companies such as Blueprint Dance Co., Unkut Productions and the Festival Just for Laughs. Be it on stage at the Planet Hollywood dancing alongside MC Hammer or doing breakdance in the street, Michel 'Boombeast' Lim has a deep pleasure to dance Hip-Hop, a passion for this art that you will definitely feel.

Erich 'Ddimplz Jack' – Hip-Hop dancer
Since he was little, Erich “Ddimplz Jack” has been moving enormously. He was very young when he realized the importance and interest of being devoted to dance. Watching his dance style and repertoire, we notice that he has always wanted to diversify his knowledge while refining what he has learned. From Hip-Hop to House, through the waaking and contemporary dance, Erich finds that it is important to broaden one’s horizons to better create. He has worked for the DPJ’s in centers as dance teacher, has participated in the Just for Laughs Festival, the Montreal International Jazz Festival with the artist Fella Kuti, danced with singer Jodey Watley in 2007 and has appeared in several music videos. With this impressive background, the greatest ambition and desire for Erich “Ddimplz Jack” is to continue to dance, to teach dance as often as possible and to push the limits.

Sandy 'Did' Béland – Hip-Hop dancer
“Did” discovered her passion for dance at the age of three. In 2005, she was introduced to Urban dance and fell madly in love. Sandy has since been meeting with specialists in urban dance centers such as Urban-Element Dance in Montreal. Dancers such as Angelo Ameur, Alexandra “Spicey” Landé and Cindy “Goldylocks” McAullife have greatly influenced her. Driven by her passion and strong interest in street dance, “Did” joined “Pure Gold 24k”, a dance group choreographed by “Goldylocks”. In 2009, this group was the grand winner in Canadian Hip-Hop and will therefore represent Canada internationally. Sandy “Did” Béland does not stop there and she continues to work on several projects, teaching and is still involved in many competitions.

Saxon Fraser
Saxon is an artist inspired by music, theater, film, and many diverse dance styles. Holding a B.A.(honors) in Dance Kinesiology from the University of Calgary, she has taken her training into almost every genre imaginable collaborating with singers, musicians, actors, photographers, film makers, designers and dancers of every kind. In 2005 she joined Decidedly Jazz Danceworks for their 2006/07 season and Cross Canada Tour, and performed with W&M Physical Theater, EnCorps Dance Collective and MmHop. and Upon receiving a grant from the Alberta Foundation for the Arts which landed her in Montreal Quebec, she joined the cast of “Retrospek” by choreographer Alexandra Lande touring Quebec and Ontario. In 2008 Saxon formed the company Soul Projexions, presenting her first show Fluorescent:Lit From Within at the Slammenberry Jam Urban Arts Festival leading to her writing, directing and starring in the festivals 2009 Montreal/Calgary collaboration Whodunnit? Her work has been featured in the film series Athletes in Motion for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, The Bazaar in Toronto and ReVERB for Dancer's Studio West. received a grant from the Canada Council for the Arts. In spring 2010 she worked with Nico Archambault and Wynn Holmes in the musical Le Blues dʼla Metropole and the film Sur le Rythme. She recently finished production on the dance film ONE which will be presented at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival in Paris. Saxon continues to travel internationally as head choreographer for Saco (London, Paris, NYC).

Fred Nguyen
Fred was raised in a family of martial artists, training daily as a child with his father and uncle and eventually becoming the disciple of Master Wang Qing. Throughout his career he has trained with Shaolin monks Shi Yan Ming, Shi Xing Hong and Wushu champion He Jingde. Fred recently returned from the Shaolin Temple where he met and trained under Master Di Guo Bao and 31st generation Shaolin Monk Shi De Cheng who would become his new Kung-Fu master. In 2010, Fredʼs love for martial arts and performing arts led him to learn stage combat under Shawn Baichoo and join the cast of Sketch Kombat, a stage combat/sketch comedy performance troupe. They have since performed for such events as Mainline Theatreʼs 5th year anniversary, The Childʼs Play charity event at Montreal Improv and the Fringe Festival Fundraiser Auction. In 2011, he was cast as a dancer in Equus, a play directed by Paul Van Dyck and produced by Village Scene Productions. Fred is currently collaborating with Dancer/Choreographer Saxon Fraser to create Wuxia, a dance piece combining Kung-Fu and contemporary dance.

Kiya and Ziya Tabassian – Musicians
This concert will be orchestrated by Kiya Tabassian on the setar, a stringed instrument and Ziya Tabassian on tombak, an Iranian drum. Ziya Tabassian began to play the tombak (Iranian percussion) at the age of 11. As a percussionist Ziya Tabassian has been active both in the milieu of early music and contemporary music as well as in the universe of world music. He is a founding member with Kiya Tabassian of the Ensemble Constantinople and he has already presented several concerts in Canada, the United States, Mexico and Europe. Kiya Tabassian, meanwhile, plays the setar, an Iranian musical instrument and a member of the lute family. Kiya, too, has produced in Canada, several countries in Europe, the Middle East and Mexico with Constantinople as well as with many other musicians. Since 1996, he has collaborated several times with Radio-Canada and since 2005 has been a member of the Arts Council in Montreal (Conseil des arts de Montréal)

Calgary Event Details[edit]

Reaching Out
First National Asian Heritage Month Video Conference
14 May 2011
University of Calgary Health Sciences Centre Room 1405A

Calgary Asian Heritage Foundation

Biography of the Calgary Asian Heritage Month representative:
Mayi Arcellana-Panlilio is the co-chair of the Asian Heritage Foundation. She is also a volunteer with Asian Heritage Month celebrations in Calgary since 2004. Her first involvement was with organizing the 1st Pan-Asian classical music concert in collaboration with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra. Mayi is also teaching biology at the University of Calgary.

Pipa performance by Hui Nancy Li (Live performance)
Nancy Li has been playing the Pipa, a plucked-string traditional Chinese musical instrument, for over 16 years. She has a strong passion for music and the promotion of Chinese arts and culture in the community. In 2008, she received the Platinum Trophy, the highest distinction in the musical instrument category, in the Canadian Chinese Youth Art Performance Festival. In 2009, she was invited as one of the opening performers for the kick-off events of Asian Heritage Month in Calgary and Edmonton. Nancy is a recent graduate from the University of Calgary’s Bachelor of Health Sciences program, majoring in Biomedical Science.

Dance performance of Vietnam's Three Regions, performed by the Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association (video recording of a live performance at the Epcor Centre for the Performing Arts in Calgary)
Vietnam is located in the southeastern extremity of the Indochinese peninsula and occupies over 300,000 square kilometers, surrounded on the North side by China, and on the West side by Laos and Cambodia. The S-shaped country has a north-to-south distance of 1,650 kilometers and is about 50 kilometers wide at the narrowest point, with a proportionally large coastline of 3,260 kilometers.

Vietnam is traditionally divided into three regions (North, South and Central) based on years of history, occupation and geopolitical settlement. These regions are known among Vietnamese for differences in dialect, food, history, culture, weather and temperament of the people. The following dance, performed by the Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association, represents the fashion, music, and lifestyle of the diverse people of Vietnam. Dancers are dressed in their traditional dresses and finery, the North region with the 4-panel dress and flat round hats, the Central region with their ao ai dress and conical hats, and the South region with their ao dai dress and umbrellas.

All-styles dance performance by “Straight-to-It”. (Live performance)
"Straight to it " crew consists of members Balal Kaddoura, Farzam Bic and Physick. We have been at the forefront of the Calgary bboy community for three years ! We have competed at It takes two, 246 bboy trix, rep your step,old to new and dont sleep. We are proud to be representing Southern Alberta to celebrate Asian Heritage Month this year.

Talk on “Reaching Out” by Dr. Hieu Van Ngo
Hieu Van Ngo spent three years in a refugee camp in Thailand, and has experienced life as a first generation Canadian in Canada. Hieu is known as an advocate for culturally diverse children and youth, and as a community builder.

As executive director of the Coalition for Equal Access to Education from 2001 to 2009, Hieu worked with a wide range of Calgary community partners to influence policy decisions that promote quality, equitable education services for children of immigrant families. His work has raised awareness about systemic barriers in the Canadian education system that disadvantage ethnocultural learners, and has offered practical solutions to effective multicultural education.

Hieu has generously contributed his time and expertise to various organizations in the community, and currently serves as chair of the Ethnocultural Council of Calgary, a board member of the Centre for Newcomers, and as a member of the Arts and Culture Grant Committee of the Calgary Foundation. Hieu is also a past chair of All Nations Theatre, and an ongoing advisor to the Asian Heritage Foundation, the Vietnamese Youth Group and the Calgary Young Offenders Centre.

Toronto Event Details[edit]

University College (main building)
University of Toronto
15 King's College Circle, Toronto, ON, M5S 3H7
Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc.


Biography of the Toronto Asian Heritage Month representative:
Dr Kay Li is President of Asian Heritage Month--Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ontario) Inc. She is Project Leader of the Virtual Museum of Asian Canadian Cultural Heritage (VMACCH) and the Asian Heritage Month Festivals funded by Canadian Heritage, Citizenship and Immigration Canada and Toronto Arts Council. Kay also organizes the annual Asian Heritage Month Lectures and Education Roundtables at University of Toronto and York University.

Toronto Asian Heritage Month is offering a combination of presentations by academics, scholars and artists. There will be three main sections corresponding to each hour. Professor Roland Sintos Coloma, Sociology and Equity Studies in Education, Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, University of Toronto will talk about teaching Asian Canadian Studies. Then Dr. Julie Mehta will talk about Asian Canadians from a cultural perspective. The Toronto presentations will conclude with the presentations by internationally renowned Asian Canadian writer Dr. Lien Chao and artist Ma Peng.

Professor Roland Sintos Colama
Professor Roland Sintos Colama will be presenting "Teaching Asian Canadian Studies".
Professor Roland Sintos Coloma is an Assistant Professor of Sociology and Equity Studies in Education at the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) of the University of Toronto. His research and teaching areas focus on Filipina/o and Asian Canadian studies; transnationalism, empire, and diaspora; subjectivity, affect, and sociality; history and cultural studies. In particular, he examines the historical trans- Pacific dynamics between Asia and North America from critical race, feminist, and poststructuralist perspectives. Along these lines, he is working on three research projects: (1) a history of the public school system in the Philippines under United States rule from 1898 to 1926; (2) a history of Canadian Catholic missionaries in the Philippines from 1955 to 1985; and (3) a comparative history of Asian Canadian social movements for justice and reparation. Roland completed his PhD in Cultural Studies and Minor in African American Studies from The Ohio State University, and his MA and BA from the University of California, Riverside. Prior to becoming an academic, Roland was a high school teacher, university administrator, and community organizer.

Dr. Julie Mehta
Dr. Julie Mehta will be presenting: Collaborating Heritage: Readers and Writers Sharing Asia in Canada
Dr. Julie Mehta is the author of Dance of Life: Mythology, History and Politics of Cambodian Culture (2001), and co-author of the best-selling biography of Cambodian Prime Minister Hun Sen: Strongman of Cambodia (1999). A postcolonial scholar of South Asian Literature and Culture and a specialist of Asian diasporic Literatures, she teaches the Chancellor Poy-endowed course “Asian Cultures in Canada”, at the University of Toronto’s Canadian Studies Program. Extensively published and actively involved in promoting cross-cultural production. Dr. Mehta’s English translation of Tagore’s play The Post Office will be performed in May by Pleiades Theatre, at the Berkeley Street Theatre in Toronto, as a part of the celebrations of 2011 as Canada’s Year of India.

Dr. Lien Chao
Dr. Lien Chao is an award-winning, bilingual (English and Chinese) writer. She came to Canada in 1984 to pursue her graduate studies, completing her M.A. in 1986 and Ph.D in English in 1996.
Books published:
1997: Beyond Silence: Chinese Canadian Literature in English, winner of Gabrielle Roy Award for Canadian Criticism.
1999: Maples and the Stream (bilingual poetry);
2001: Tiger Girl: Hu Nü (creative memoir);
2003: Ed. Strike the Wok: An Anthology of Contemporary Chinese Canadian Fiction;
2004: More Than Skin Deep (bilingual poetry);
2008: The Chinese Knot and Other Stories.
Art books published:
2004: China-Canada Friendship Sculpture Garden;
2008: Peng Ma: Chinese Brush Painting;
2008: Wang Dehui: Oil and Chinese Brush Paintings;
2011: Peng Ma: Abstract Ink Painting (forthcoming).
She is a Fellow of Stong College of York University; vice-president for the Canadian Foundation for Asian Culture (Central Ont.) Inc.; the vice president for the Chinese Pen Society of Canada.

Peng Ma
Peng Ma is a versatile professional artist. He graduated from Zhejiang Fine Art Institute, now China’s National Fine Art Institute in 1961; for the next 30 years, he had taught fine art at the same university while creating numerous artworks for exhibitions. Ma immigrated to Canada in 1989. Since then, he has participated in fifty some solo and group exhibitions in Canada and in Asian. As a sculptor, his most recent outdoor public sculptures were installed in Toronto, Saskatchewan, Vienna, Beijing as well as Qufu, hometown of Confucius. Among them, 13 large outdoor sculptures have made up the China-Canada Friendship Sculpture Garden in Beijing. As a painter, Ma has been engaged in both oil and Chinese brush painting. His strong belief that the Western and Eastern art media share the same principles but differ in techniques has guided him through many years of research and artistic experiments. As a result, his paintings demonstrate freedom from constrains and formulas; his portfolio becomes a multidimensional portal from the ancient past to the present, and from the East to the West. With his energetic and exquisite brushstrokes, Ma has created shape, volume, space, motion, and emotions on Xuan paper as well as canvas. Publications of his art include A Collection of Peng Ma’s Chinese Brush Painting (1997, Taiwan), China-Canada Friendship Sculpture Garden (2004, Beijing), Peng Ma’s Chinese Brush Painting (2008, Canada), and Peng Ma: Abstract Ink Painting (2011, forthcoming, Canada). Throughout his artistic career, Ma has won numerous awards for his sculptures and paintings.

Vancouver Event Details[edit]

This is to let you know that we at VAHMS have decided to host the Vancouver event in a studio of the UBC Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT), where they have video conferencing capability. They will be provding us with the equipment and technical support to work with you in linking us up Montreal and the other two participating cities.

2329 West Mall, #0112
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4


Biography of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month representative:
Winnie Cheung, an international and Intercultural educator, is a longstanding supporter of the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society. As a current Board Member, she has assumed the role of Interim Executive Director to help the Board reinvent the organization and reach out to youth and municipalities beyond the City of Vancouver within the region.

Ray Hsu, Poet-schmoet. Ray Hsu is a rockstar who happens to write books. Ray describes himself as the neighbourhood kid who gets everyone to build a snowfort. His catchphrases include, "What can I do to help?" and "You know, what would be cool is if..." Ray is author of Anthropy (winner of the Gerald Lampert Award) and Cold Sleep Permanent Afternoon. At last count he has published over a hundred and twenty-five poems in over forty journals internationally. He has more degrees than he knows what to do with. He taught writing for over two years in a U.S. prison. He now teaches at the University of British Columbia, where he collaborates across disciplines, districts, and dinner tables. When he isn't winning poetry or teaching awards, he kicks back with a can of Chef Boyardee and a snifter of Hennessey. Catch him at

Joyce Lam
Joyce Lam is the co-Founder and Artistic Producer of the Vancouver Asian Canadian Theatre (VACT). In 2009, she produced Rodgers & Hammerstein's Flower Drum Song, a show that has never been a full production in Vancouver since the show's inception in 1958. In 2008, VACT produced Neil Simon’s The Odd Couple to emphasize that Asian Canadians can play non-race specific roles and where she introduced Mandarin surtitles to entice Chinese speaking patrons to English speaking theatre. Also in 2008, she produced weekly comedy sketch segments for AZN Lifestyles TV on CityTV to dispel Asian stereotypes. This year Joyce is thrilled to have developed & produced RED LETTERS, an original Chinese Canadian musical about a significant historical event for Chinese Canadians. She hopes you will continue to support VACT in showcasing stories about Asian Canadians. Joyce was recognized with the 2010 BC Community Achievement Award for connecting Asian Canadian & mainstream communities through theatre.

Alan Bau – Music & Lyrics Composer
Alan Bau has been composing music for over twenty years. He wrote his first musical in 1995 and one of his songs is used as a theme song for the joint Hong Kong Catholic School reunions in Toronto. RED LETTERS is his first produced musical, which started development in 2006 with the help and support of Joyce Lam and VACT. Alan is pleased to have had the opportunity to study under Canada Pops Orchestra founder David Warrack and would also like to thank Canstage for their support of RED LETTERS and of musical workshops over the years.

Kathy Leung – Book Writer
Kathy Leung has been involved with independent film and theatre since 2002 in various roles from director and writer to all‐around go‐to gopher. Her first script, Lily’s Crickets, was produced and screened at numerous festivals including the Vancouver Asian Film Festival and the Asian American International Film Festival. It also received a Leo award nomination and two Golden Sheaf nominations including one for Best Short Film – Multicultural/Race Relations Category. Her screenplay for Script This was selected for Whistler International Film Festival's Short Scripts Competition, while Cheque Please and The Rules of Engagement (co-written with Matt Yoshikazu Gates) were chosen for CityTV's Cinecity Initiatives. In 2007, she made her theatrical directing debut with Twisting Fortunes, a two‐act play staged at the Playwrights Theatre Centre. RED LETTERS is Kathy’s first full‐length stage play.

Full schedule of the National Asian Heritage Month Videoconference 2011 in Eastern Daylight Time, EDT (Montreal time)[edit]

In Montreal
9 am-arrival of Accès Asie team, AVW, Ziya and Kiya, set up
9: 40 am - Arrival of dancers with Michel and Saxon
10:00 am-artists ready and on stage for tech check, Constantinople
10:20 am - Arrival of Shawn and Sudesna
10: 40 am- artists ready and on stage for tech check, Michel hip-hop
11:20 am- artists ready and on stage for tech check, Sudesna & Shawn
12 pm-1 pm-lunch is provided for all
1 pm-in house tech check

2 pm-(Montreal, Toronto Time), 11 am(Vancouver Time), 12 pm (Calgary Time) on line technical run through of cue to cue, city to city of 4 cities with MC, Tetsuro

3 pm –begin videoconference on line, Tetsuro (MC) welcomes and introduces the AHM videoconference to all 4 cities (1 minute)
3:01 pm- Tetsuro introduces Pr. Coloma from Toronto (1min)
3:02 pm- Pr. Roland Sintos Coloma from Toronto (13 min)
3:15 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A, introducess Mayi from Calgary (4min)
3:19 pm- Mayi introduces Hui Nancy Li(1min)
3:20 pm- Pipa performance by Hui Nancy Li (live performance) (10min)
3:30 pm- Tetsuro animates public Q&A, introduces Winnie from Vancouver (4min)
3:34 pm- Winnie introduces Ray Hsu (1min)
3:35 pm- Ray Hsu from Vancouver (20 min)
3:55 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A, introduces Janet from Montreal (4min)
3:59 pm- Janet introduces Sudesna & Shawn (1 min)
4:00 pm- Sudesna & Shawn (13 min)
4:13 pm-Tetsuro animates the public Q&A with Shawn and Sudesna (4min)
4:17 pm- Tetsuro introduces Julie Metha from Toronto(1min)
4:18 pm- Julie Metha from Toronto (13min)
4:31 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A, presents Mayi from Calgary (4min)
4:35 pm- Mayi introduces Vietnamese Youth Association (1min)
4:36 pm- Dance performance of Vietnam’s three regions by the Calgary Vietnamese Youth Association (10min)
4:46 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A (4min)

5:00 pm- Janet inroduces Montreal with Michel Lim and Saxon Fraser (1min)
5:01 pm- Michel, Ddimplz & Did,3min., Saxon & Fred,4min., Michelsolo,2min. (12min)
5:13 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A with Michel and Saxon (4min)
5:17 pm- Tetsuro introduces Lien Chao and Peng Ma from Toronto (1min)
5:18 pm- Lien Chao and Peng Ma from Toronto (13 min)
5:31 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A, presents Mayi from Calgary(4min)
5:35 pm- Mayi introduces “Straight to it” (1min)
5:36 pm- All-styles dance performed by “Straight to it” (live performance) (10min)
5:46 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A, presents Winnie from Vancouver (4min)
5:50 pm- Winnie introduces Joyce Lam (1min)
5:51 pm- Joyce Lam from Vancouver (20min)

6:11 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A (4min), presents Janet from Montreal
6:15 pm- Janet introduces Montreal with Kiya and Ziya (1min)
6:16 pm- Montreal Constantinople (13min)
6:29 pm- Tetsuro animates public Q&A, Kiya & Ziya, presents Mayi of Calgary (4min)
6:33 pm- Mayi introduces Dr Hieu Van Ngo (1min)
6:34 pm- Talk on “Reaching Out” by Dr Hieu Van Ngo (10min)
6:44 pm- Tetsuro animates the public Q&A (4min)
6:48 pm- open Q&A (10min)
6:58 pm- Tetsuro, thank yous, all publics, all cities say farewells

7:00 pm- sign off line, wrap up
8:00 pm- out of venue

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