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No Luck Club



Based in Vancouver, no luck club (NLC) is an instrumental hip hop group which combines turntable improvisation with sample-based rhythms. Founded by the Chan Brothers (Matt & Trevor), no luck club’s beat-driven soundscapes have been shaped by the brothers’ extensive college broadcasting experience at CJSF Radio and by their eclectic tastes in music and art.

The group started in 2000 when their mix CD and demo, Newfangled Moments, resulted in a recording contract with Dan the Automator's 75Ark Records. NLC’s debut album, Happiness, was originally scheduled for an August 2001 release but unfortunately 75Ark imploded that year. Fortunately, the project was rescued by Ill Boogie Records and a revised version of Happiness was released in September 2003 to wide acclaim.

In late 2004, Vancouver DMC DJ champion, Paul Belen (Pluskratch) joined the group to complement NLC’s infectious live show; a continuous, instrumental mix of music styles, tempos and moods.

An URB Next 100 alumnus (2004), the group's latest release, Prosperity (2006), is a diverse, genre-smashing sonic collage comprised of four musical suites. Prosperity is also the second chapter of a trilogy recordings inspired by the Chinese deities symbolizing luck and good fortune. A self-proclaimed strange brew of hip hop, jazz-funk, scratching, tall tales and humour, no luck club is an idiosyncratic project seeking a place in today’s progressive music culture.

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