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Robert Huynh, also known as Roberutsu, is a Canadian designer, photographer, and art director.

He was born in Regina, Saskatchewan and raised in Winnipeg, Manitoba, where he studied advertising art and graphic design. While completing his senior year of design school in 2003, he submitted an application to the Snapshot Fashion Challenge, a cross-country reality competition pilot project by Alberto Europeean. He was selected to participate as 1 of 10 photography contestants and went on to win the Audience Choice award with his team. After graduating college he began working as a marketing designer for Canadian furniture brand EQ3 Furniture, and began designing for American comedienne and actress, Margaret Cho, who is best known for her stand-up routines, through which she critiques social and political problems, especially those pertaining to race and sexuality. He designed her grammy-nominated live concert DVD, Cho Dependent, and directed and animated music video for her song, "Captain Cameltoe" featuring Ani DiFranco.

In the spring of 2009, he travelled to Los Angeles to assist and mentor under his long-time idol, renowned American surrealist photographer David Lachapelle, and was involved in shoots with Ed Hardy, Rolling Stones Magazine, Lady Gaga and American fashion designer Jeremy Scott. Upon his return to Canada, he began working as a media designer for one of Canada's largest national advertising companies and as the arts editor for Branch Magazine [1]. In 2011, he relocated to Vancouver, British Columbia to attend Vancouver Film School, an internationally recognized entertainment arts school. He currently works as a designer and photographer.

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