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Shaheen Sultan Dhanji



Shaheen Sultan Dhanji was borne in Africa and currently resides at Toronto, Canada. She is a Social-International Development Consultant by profession; a writer, artist and an activist by innate attributes. A human-being who (in her mind) lives in the Renaissance era, writing her memoirs from the blood-ink on paper - in the heart the light of consciousness writes her fate! She fancies books, 19Th century cameras, world cinema, Indian classical music, blues/jazz records and meaningful conversations blended in the art of polemics with minds that intrigue hers! She could be found sipping qahwa at old bazaars in the landscape of Andalusia / Africa!

Her creative platform focuses on vital themes of war and civil society, genocide, human rights issues, global poverty, social and civic development, cultural and heritage conservation, mysticism, indigenous cultures/customs, migration and forced exile, oppression & dispossession in marginalised communities.

Shaheen S. Dhanji is currently engaged theatre arts / writing.

Co-Author of: Suroor of the Soul - a metaphysical anthology (authored with Soumya Vilekar)

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