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Templates are snippets of content or actions (functions) that are created to be consistently re-used throughout the site. The latest version of a template is always included in pages that refer to it.

Templates use the curly braces {{ }} syntax. So a template called "About editing" would be entered as {{About editing}}.

Templates may also pass additional information (called parameters) that is used by the template. The pipe symbol | is used to separate the name of the template from the additional parameters. We use the {{From wp}} template to indicate information that was copied from Wikipedia. The parameter can be used to indicate the exact location and version, for example, {{From wp|http://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=David_Suzuki&oldid=365788744}}.

Just like regular wiki links, if you add a non-existent template to a page, you can fill in its contents later, using the red link that will appear after you save the page.

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