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Zafar Bangash

Zafar Bangash (Urdu: ظفر بنگش) is a noted Islamic movement journalist and commentator in Toronto, Canada. Bangash is Director of the Institute of Contemporary Islamic Thought (ICIT),<ref name=marx>Offman, Craig, "Karl's New Comrades; Rebranding Socialism for the 21st century", National Post, May 12, 2007</ref> and president of the Islamic Society of York Region, a suburb of Toronto. He is Imam<ref></ref> at the Islamic Society of York Region's Mosque and community centre in Richmond Hill, Ontario. He is a former editor of Crescent International newsmagazine, and a Trustee and formerly assistant director of the Muslim Institute, London, where he worked with Dr Kalim Siddiqui (1931–1996), the founder of the Muslim Institute and Leader of the Muslim Parliament of Great Britain. Bangash is also co-founder of the Muslim Unity Group.<ref name=wingrove>Wingrove, Josh, "Canada's Afghan role protested; Thousands take part in anti-war rallies across the country", Toronto Star, October 29, 2006</ref><ref name=Marlow>Marlow, Iain, "Address harassment, coalition urges", Toronto Star, July 6, 2007</ref>

He is best known for his commentaries current affairs while editor of Crescent International. Though he stepped down as editor since joining the ICIT, he continues as a columnist and contributor to Crescent.

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