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Andy Thê-Anh



Born in Vietnam in 1965, Andy Thê-Anh came to Canada in 1981. He studied fashion design at LaSalle College before working for manufacturers like Parasuco, Ma Divine Clémentine, Tristan-America and Irving Samuel.

Inspired by historical eras and historical characters, movies and visual arts, Andy Thê-Anh made his mark with a style that is modern and refined. The designer, one of the most known creators of his generation, offers an ultra-feminine and totally trendy line. His muse is the career woman who likes a touch of glamour in her everyday life. His signature style shows a careful choice of luxurious modern materials coupled with the respect and emphasis of a woman’s natural curves.

One of the most coveted designers in the media thanks to his exclusive creations for the biggest names in Canadian show business, Andy Thê-Anh’s creations have appeared in the most important dailies and fashion magazines in Canada, as well as in the American publication Women Wears Daily. His Andy By Andy Thê-Anh collection includes stylish ready-to-wear, glamorous dresses and striking accessories. The first two Andy stores opened their doors in 2006 to help meet the demand of a growing clientele. They offer all of the designer’s creations for the season.

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