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Society Mission Statement[edit]

1. To deliver an educational program of high-quality culture and arts events featuring the diversity of Asian Canadian cultural and artistic expression and traditions, including the annual Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Festival called "explorASIAN"

2. To provide audiences opportunities to further their knowledge, awareness and appreciation of these cultural and artistic expressions and traditions through workshops, lectures, displays, written materials, exhibitions, and internet resources

3. To collaborate with artistic and cultural organizations and individual artists, who share the goals and purposes of the Society, to contribute to the richness and quality of the educational program

4.To provide opportunities for Asian Canadian artists to share their artistic and cultural talent through the delivery of an educational program


Since 1996, the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society has endeavoured to explore the diversity of Asian Canadian life and culture and promote the discussion of relevant issues and concerns within and beyond the Asian Canadian community.

explorASIAN Festival[edit]

May 1 - 31

Many Cultures, Many Languages, One Celebration

Vancouver's "explorASIAN Festival” is Canada's second oldest Asian Heritage Month festival, established in 1997 by the Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society.

The festival runs for the whole month of May annually, making it the destination festival for worldwide Spring/Summer visitors of metro Vancouver. Celebrate your heritage with explorASIAN!

Festival Calendars[edit]

explorASIAN Festival Calendar

For all events celebrating Asian Heritage Month from May 1 – May 31

• Web Version – Updated Daily in the month of April & May • Print Version Available at public libraries and participating retail stores (subject to funding) • PDF Version Available to download as it becomes available

Community Events Corner[edit]

For all events happening outside of Asian Heritage Month – an everyday cultural event listing service provided by Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society

• Web version only • Updated regularly • Submit your events to

Important Dates[edit]

Feb 27 – Deadline for Workshop, Seminar, Lectures Proposals Feb 27 – Deadline for Venue Partnership Proposals March 31 – Deadline for Sponsorship Proposals April 20 – Deadline for Volunteer Application Submission May 1 – Opening Celebration

Perform at explorASIAN Festival[edit]

The Vancouver Asian Heritage Month Society coordinates performance and educational events during Asian Heritage Month in May and the rest of the year under the banner of explorASIAN.

Some of these events are produced by explorASIAN Festival as well as in collaboration with other arts, cultural, and community organizations and educational institutions.

A variety of disciplines are presented during explorASIAN Festival including but not limited to visual arts, performance, dance, theatre, comedy, spoken word, literature, music, and film

Applicants wishing to participate in the festival should submit the following items:

1. Cover letter expressing intent and containing all contact information, e.g. name, mailing address, telephone, fax, email, website 2. Artist biography and resume 3. History of artist's works or performances and professional credits 4. Technical needs, venue requirements, etc 5. Supporting documents (promotional material, press clippings etc.) 6. A detailed description of the proposed project (if applicable) 7. One color photograph of the group or artist (min. size 4"x6" / max size 8"x10") 8. Depending on the type of project - please include CD's, DVD's, video or audio tapes 9. For visual artists: please also include a short paragraph of artist's statement of purpose and ten to fifteen images of your work on 35mm slides or CD. 10. Let us know if you have presented workshops, seminars, lectures, master classes, etc. before.

Proposal Package can be mailed or dropped off to: VANCOUVER ASIAN HERITAGE MONTH SOCIETY 110 Keefer Street Vancouver, BC V6A 1X4

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