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Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta

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The Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta has been in existence since 1978. Since its inception the Association has strived to provide programs and events that help promote the growth and awareness of the Chinese community. The foundation of the association is based on the following objectives, also found in our association bylaws.

  • To bring together Chinese Professionals to promote and provide opportunities for occupational, educational, cultural and

social activities;

  • To engage in and foster programs to enhance Chinese culture and

image so as to further promote cultural exchange and integration between Chinese and other ethnic communities in Alberta; and

  • To provide means and opportunities for mutual help and social development within the Chinese community.

The Lost Years[edit]

The Chinese Graduates Association of Alberta (CGAA), in partnership with Lost Years Production Inc., created a two‑part documentary mini‑series entitled “Lost Years: The Chinese Canadian Struggle for Justice.” The two hour mini‑series: documents the stories and recollections touching upon the outgoing Lieutenant Governor of Alberta; and examines the impact of modern‑day redress efforts for the Chinese Head Tax in Canada and how they sparked relationships with the Chinese community in New Zealand, who were seeking their own redress for a comparable historical restriction on Chinese immigration, the Toll Tax.

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