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Eric Sze-Lang Chan


Ottawa Ontario

Eric Chan is eepmon, a multidisciplinary artist working at the intersection of fine arts, design and computer programming. Among his many creative works, he has pioneered an open data / new media performance in which he does live paintings using real-time weather data.

He has exhibited and performed at numerous art and design venues, including the Ottawa Art Gallery, TEDx Toronto, Gallery O2 in Tokyo, hpgrp gallery New York, and digital art institutions across Europe. In 2009 he was a recipient of a Banff Centre artist residency.

Eric has worked on commercial projects with Microsoft Xbox 360, Mini Cooper, and Panasonic. He most recently partnered with Magmic on Hidden Galaxies, a video game for the Apple iOS platform. He has been commissioned by the City of Ottawa for a public art installation, and his work has been acquired by the Canada Council's Art Bank. He was a jury member for the Visual Arts Grant Funding Program for the City of Ottawa and has taught at Algonquin College.

Eric has been featured in FLARE, Beautiful Decay, IdN, Computer Arts, and He recently co-curated with MoCo Loco a series of in-depth artist interviews for its Art Week 2012.

A graduate of the Arts Canterbury Program, Algonquin computer science and Carleton University’s Interactive Multimedia Design program, Eric was awarded "Best Canadian Student" at FITC and received the Top Excellence Award for Illustration in Computer Arts Graduate competition.

Now residing in New York City, Eric is currently working with Canada Goose on a limited edition line for its 2014 Winter Collection.

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