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Glenda Braganza



Born in Halifax and raised in Ottawa, Glenda Braganza is a Montreal-based theatre, voice, film and television actor with a Specialization in Theatre Performance BFA from Concordia University. In 2004 Glenda was awarded the M.E.C.C.A. (Montreal English Critics' Circle Award) for Best Actress and was included in The Montreal Mirror's "Noisemakers 2005" list. Glenda has worked with various Montreal theatre companies including Pumpkin Theatre (Faiting Wor Godot); Persephone Productions (West, Jane Eyre); Black Theatre Workshop (Bluenose, Skin) and most notably, Geordie Productions with whom she has toured to Western Canada. She recently appeared at the Segal Centre in Table D'Hote Production’s critically acclaimed show A Line in the Sand as Sadiq.

Since 2003, Glenda has been working in film and television for various networks as well as many Montreal-produced pilots, independent productions and commercials. Her credits include the Gemini-nominated CTV movie Tripping Wire starring Clark Johnson., NBC's sweeps television special 10.5 Apocalypse with Kim Delaney and David Cubitt; the second season of Philms’ The Business (IFC/TMN) and the Montreal-based series Naked Josh for Showcase; the television feature Infected starring Gil Bellows and Isabella Rossellini; and feature film Afterwards with John Malkovich and Lilly Evangeline.

Glenda is currently performing on Granville Island, in the world premiere stage adaptation of Don Quixote - a co-production between Vancouver's Arts Club Theatre, Axis Theatre and Montreal's Centaur Theatre. The production then moves to Montreal, where she calls home with her husband Mike, with whom she enjoys an active lifestyle, traveling and the culinary arts.