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Hinode Taiko


Winnipeg Manitoba

“Pure raw energy and power tempered by precision and focus” - Winnipeg Free Press

In the rolling thunder and boisterous dance that drew Amaterasu the Sun Goddess from her cave and returned light to the world, Hinode Taiko was formed. The bold antics of Uzume and the laughter of the gods shaped their performance. From humble workshop beginnings in 1982, using broomsticks and old tires as practice equipment, Hinode Taiko (in Japanese “Rising Sun Drums”) went on to build concert-quality drums and study with the greatest taiko players of modern time – rooting taiko in the heart of the Canadian Prairies.

Since 1982, Hinode Taiko’s original repertoire has won fans on three continents and the group has received accolades from taiko experts around the world. The only Canadian taiko group selected to perform at the inaugural 1997 North American Taiko Conference in Los Angeles, Hinode’s stature in North American taiko was affirmed in 2003 when they became the only taiko ensemble (out of the continent’s 150-plus groups) chosen for a repeat performance at the NATC. Their debut CD, “Hinode Taiko,” was released independently in spring 2004.

In 1999 Hinode Taiko brought Canadian taiko back to Japan, performing at the Extasia International Taiko Festival in Matto City – the “world centre of taiko drumming” – and at the 22nd annual Setagaya Summer Matsuri, in Tokyo. As the only Canadian taiko group ever invited to perform at these prestigious venues, Hinode Taiko was able to showcase their unique style live and by national telecast in the country where taiko began.

Incorporated in 1995, Hinode Taiko’s goals have always been to learn the art of taiko, to promote taiko through public performances, and to instruct those interested in the art of Japanese drumming. All members have a voice in any decision-making process and are expected to show commitment, respect, and responsibility for each other and for the art of taiko. With a strong base in Winnipeg’s Japanese-Canadian community as well as a solid profile in the arts scene, Hinode Taiko continues to push itself to new artistic heights, while sharing the art and appreciation of taiko through frequent seminars and workshops in the community and in schools.

This article based on content from http://www.hinodetaiko.ca/about/.