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Hyun Jou Lee



Hyun Jou Lee was born on October 6th 1965, in Korea. At age seven, she left her childhood home to attend school in Seoul. She went on to study at the Women’s University in Seoul, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts. Her thirst for discovery led her to Montreal in 1994, where she studied at the Saidye Bronfman Center. She started exhibiting locally, and has since been showing work in galleries in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom.

Jou Lee has a symbiotic relationship with her artwork. She looks for guidance from the canvas, often surprised by the finished result. She begins by applying a thick gesso, to create relief and give dimension to the piece. Jou Lee experiments with many mediums, using principally oil and encaustic. Her colour palette is extremely broad; ranging from the very organic to the brightest colours of spring: the difference depends on the story the artist is trying to tell.


The following are some of Hyun Jou Lee's most recent solo exhibitions, more can be found at her webpage.

2011: Catalogue launch & Retrospective exhibition at the Espace Galerie Dimension Plus in Montreal, Québec.

2010: Edmund Craig Gallery in Texas, United States.

2008: Galerie Robert Senneville in Sherbrooke, Canada as well as at the Edmund Craig Gallery in Texas, United States.

2007: The Village Gallery in Mississauga, Ontario.

Hyun Jou Lee has also participated in group exhibitions, such as at the Bering & James in Houston, Texas in 2005 and at both the Art Corée 2004, L’Agora de la Danse in Montreal and the Galerie Estampe Plus in Quebec -among other exhibitions.