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JET Alumni Association (Ottawa)



The Ottawa Chapter of the Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Programme Alumni Association, or JETAA Ottawa for short, is an active group of JET alumni who are helping to give this government town some Japanese flavour. We volunteer at festivals, help prepare the next generation of JETs for their departure, and have been known to dine out for sushi and sake.

JETAA Ottawa began in 1991 as a small group of enthusiastic JET Alumni who were keen to share their Japanese experience with each other and the community at large. JETAA Ottawa is part of an international organization, which has grown steadily to become a large, dynamic group of Alumni.

JETAA Ottawa works closely with the Embassy of Japan in their JET recruiting, paper selection and interviews, and helps prepare the next generation of JETs for their adventure through orientations and workshops. We also promote JET and Japanese culture and language by volunteering at festivals, such as Ottawa’s annual Tulip Festival, and at career fairs at colleges and universities. The JETAA Ottawa Executive represents the interests of the Ottawa JET and JETAA community at national and international conferences.

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