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Kim Hoang is an emerging illustrator and comic book artist, recently graduated from Emily Carr University of Art and Design with a Bachelor of Fine Arts with a focus in drawing and printmaking.

Her work can be described as mainly figurative drawings in defined line work and bright colouring: a hybrid of both western and eastern comic book styles. Her mediums of choice range from traditional ink, pencil, and silkscreen, to more modern methods utilizing digital processing and printing. Her stories are currently exploring themes around identity, love, and the occasional quest, with a slice-of-life approach.

Kim has a keen interest in self-publishing and small press art books. She tends to work collaboratively; contributing comics for anthologies such as You Ain’t No Dancer 3. She has also produced an extensive body of work as part of the Radar Friends collective.

An additional interest in curating has also spawned numerous online fanzines and projects such as Kissybook, an illustrated art book featuring the work of emerging international artists. Her commissions include visual content on projects such as Ian Verchere’s “Localman” comic for his 2006 book, "General Delivery: V0N 1B0", and Ingrid McCarthy’s proposal for "The Black Pearl of Osis" children’s graphic novel series. Kim also creates original illustrations for various clients, including Ricepaper magazine.

Kim currently resides in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, surrounded by culturally diverse art and artists, which fuel her eagerness to always be learning.

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