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Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra


[edit] Mission

Their mission is to present the highest quality classical orchestral music to our audience, many of whom are not regular concert-goers, to present Korean-Canadian soloists and composers and provide work and experience to young musicians from the GTA.

[edit] History

Korean Canadian Symphony Orchestra was founded in September 1987 and became a registered charity in 1990. We have 2 regular concerts in a season, once in the spring and once in the fall. In 2002, a youth orchestra was founded and is steadily growing. Youth orchestra also holds two concerts in a season, a Christmas concert, usually held at a seniors’ residence, and a spring concert at the end of the season. In 2004, we also started first-ever Summer Music School and it was a big success. Summer Music School has now been an annual event appreciated by many young musicians and their parents.

[edit] Artistic vision

The artistic vision for the KCSO is straightforward: passionate music-making, variety of programming, performing works of Korean-Canadian composers and retaining the best Korean-Canadian soloists. The music director works with the KCSO as well as other professional orchestras and professional orchestras always perform superior technically, however, it is not the case necessarily when it comes to playing passionately.

This vision is shaped primarily by the music director, with input from the board of directors and musicians.

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