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Mary Sui Yee Wong



Mary Sui Yee Wong has received both her BFA and MFA from Concordia. As a multidisciplinary artist, she actively exhibits in and outside Canada. In 2010, Wong participated in a group exhibition presented in the DMZ festival in Korea's Demilitarized Zone. She also presented a live streaming multi-media collaboration with her father titled Sing Juk Sing, hosted by Montreal Accés Asie, Oboro gallery (Montreal) and Center A (Vancouver), which was broadcasted on the web worldwide. In 2008 she released an original line of garments titled Yellow Apparel in the exhibition Rearranging Desires: Curating the Other Within at the FOFA Gallery. Wong's multidisciplinary work involves performance, sculpture, installation, video, technology, text, and sound. She is a board member of Oboro Gallery and the Montreal Yuet Sing Music Association. Wong currently teaches in the Studio Arts Department at Concordia and holds an adjunct position at Goddard College, Vermont USA, both in the Individualized Studies program and the MFA Interdisciplinary Arts program.

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