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Matsuri Japon


Montreal Quebec

Japan Matsuri festival is organized by the Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal (The Japanese Canadian Cultural Centre of Montreal, JCCCM) in collaboration with the Consulate General of Japan in Montreal. At its inception, the Festival Matsuri Japan aimed to unite the Japanese community in the Montreal area around a typical summer event in Japan, a matsuri (祭?), Which is the Japanese word for festival. The first year, the festival took place at the JCCCM and attracted mainly the Japanese community of Montreal and the fans of Japan informed of the holding of the event. Over time, the festival has become an opportunity for the Japanese community to showcase their culture to Quebecers. The festival has taken place thanks to the help offered by more than one hundred volunteers.

The festival is held on a Saturday in August, from 14h to 21h, for one day only and admission is free.

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