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May-Jun McGrath



An eclectic singer songwriter with an ethnic fusion has incorporated beat boxing, Inuit throat singing and slap dancers to her live performance mix. This mix media artist not only composes, and sings her own music, but also has dabbled in super 8mm film making for her music videos. She does a lot of self portraiture (she is a photographer by trade) and also enjoys painting in acrylic and water colour. Her successes include traveling to Rankin Inlet teaching the cadet youth a musical dance performance for the Major General in the land army, as well facilitating a song writing, recording and music video work shop for the Inuit Youth in Ottawa Ontario. She also has had several gallery shows, a 5 song Cd, a single released in 2009, and a west coast tour 2010 under her belt.

This article based on content from May Jun's Official Website.

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