Meeting August 16, 2012

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[edit] Meeting Minutes August 16 2012

[edit] Agenda

  1. Design, Search function, Contact Us page
  2. Categories
  3. Subcategories
  4. Calendar
  5. Check-in with researchers
  6. Contact Us Page
  7. Community Portal

[edit] Design

  • Design 1 for consideration
  • Does not allow hover on touch mobile devices
  • Use default mediawiki for mobile devices? - David will investigate
  • Elena - find background image for front page under creative commons
  1. Front page – rough version for August 27th
  2. Comment September 3rd
  3. Ready by September 10th

  • Tab names - Change "Contribute" to "Add Page"?
  • Remove Calendar or direct traffic to Main Page

Search Function

  • Change default to relevance- David
  • Change all "Vancouver" to "Vancouver, B.C."?

[edit] Categories

ie: science, politics, arts, community organizations

Elena suggestion-
  1. Art:
    1. Visual, Performing, Mixed Media, Multimedia, Film, Video, Manga, Literature, Architecture, Music, Dance, Theatre, school, association, Cartoons, Carving, Photography, Institute, Gallery, Artist Collective
  2. Humanities:
    1. history, literature, philosophy, religious studies, Institute
  3. Science:
    1. Medicine, Engineering, Architecture, Spaceflight, Institute
  4. Media:
    1. Journalism, Newspaper, Magazine, Television, online, radio, Cartoons
  5. Politics and Law:
    1. Municipal, Provincial, Federal, Institute, Association, judge, activist
  6. Sports:
    1. Hockey, Hapkido, Baseball, Basketball, Cricket, Kung Fu, Yoga,
  7. Community:
    1. Association, Festival, Cultural Centre, Museum, Gallery

[edit] Subcategories

See above

[edit] Calendar

  • Need to get rid of Calendar

[edit] Check-in with Researchers

  • Aiming to exceed our original goal of 400.
  • Interest in recruiting volunteers for translating ACW material (esp. into asian languages). Elena to contact
  • Banner for recruiting volunteers for translation - David will look into it
  • Geographical representation - complete (Rob)
  • Articles - Rob will write one, Elena will write one
  • Elena will write press release/translation into French for September 10th

[edit] Contact Us page

  • To be created on new design
  • team [at]
  • Add note: ACW is volunteer-run. We aim for a 48-hour response time, however we cannot guarantee it.

[edit] Community portal

  • Need at least 5 pages total

Next meeting: Monday August 27th 6pm EST

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