Meeting August 24, 2014

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[edit] Meeting Minutes

Please find below a summary of the online meeting, August 24th 2014

Attendance: Janet, Elena

Those in attendance reviewed the progress of last meeting's 3 core objectives listed below.

  1. Increase ease of access to website
  2. Increase visibility and community engagement of AC Wiki
  3. Increase multimedia use in AC Wiki

  • Increase ease of access to the website
    • Solicit 3 new moderators for this ACWiki team
    • Editing of "Contribute!" page instructions would allow users to more easily create profiles
    • Create video clip of steps to contribute?
    • Janet to created "How to create a page if this is your first time" instructions
    • Action: Streamline remaining text of Contribute! page. Instructions should be no longer than 5-6 steps each

  • Increase visibility and community engagement of AC Wiki
    • Adrienne's Facebook promotion of the wiki has brought more traffic to the site and promoted it's content
    • Janet involved in Chinese Canadian Literature database on AC Wiki, which brought together Chinese-Canadian authors.
    • Janet involved in founding and organizing "Ginger Garden" event in Montreal, directing community participants to create profiles on the AC Wiki
    • Frequent users are now self-sufficient in editing and adding profiles
    • Action: Elena to add Japanese Canadian literature database on same template, 50 authors by end of 2015
    • Action: Connect with multimedia/literary organizations in A-C communities in anticipation of 5th anniversary of AC Wiki

  • Increase multimedia use in AC Wiki
    • Last meeting David allowed Youtube video embedding on the site. There are now 2+ pages with multiple Youtube videos embedded.
    • Action: Reach 48 pages with Youtube video embedded by beginning 2015

The meeting concluded one hour later.

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