Meeting August 8, 2012

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[edit] Meeting Minutes August 8 2012

[edit] Agenda

  1. Design
  2. Check-in from Researchers
  3. Mandate
    1. What differentiates ACW from Wikipedia
    2. Why ACW is helpful to the average user etc.
  4. Privacy Policy
  5. Disclaimer
  6. Search function
  7. Organizing content - use Aspects or create more categories
  8. Contact Us page
  9. Community portal
  10. Continuing on past September launch

[edit] Design

There are two versions of wiki design 1) current version (old version), more similar to standard wikipedia format 2) new version, which does not currently support the facet map application.
David can have refined version set up in a week

[edit] Categories

ie: science, politics, arts, community organizations

David: we need a good base of categories. Look at how many profiles in each category and decide which require division.
Rob: pull out reports to see which ones need separate categories

[edit] Subcategories

Subcategories on the front, or the series of pictures?

David: suggest categories; page could be interactive, 5 categories chosen randomly and images chosen randomnly with the sub category attached
Rob: Regional option, so somebody could find something in BC?

[edit] Calendar

Remove Calendar function, or redirect traffic to main page.

[edit] Check-in with Researchers

  • Adrienne and Rob will continue as volunteers. Elena will volunteer starting September.
  • Interest in recruiting volunteers for translating ACW material (esp. into asian languages). Banner on main page? Need text for this-Elena

[edit] Mandate

  • What differentiates ACW from Wikipedia
Wikipedia is world-scale notable, objective. ACW can provide more diverse perspectives, as well as connecting points and stories. acw can create timelines and maps of artsts. Over time, the relationship between artists and organizations can be developed.
  • Why ACW is helpful to the average user etc.
Discovering artists by their name, type, connection

Proposed Mandate

Asian Canadian wiki is a website dedicated to promoting Asian Canadian community and is a database of all things Asian Canadian - from artists, scientists, leaders, to cultural centres, community organizations to festivals.

Proposed History

The intent of this site was to gather like minded Asian Canadians from arts and cultural communities to participate in a National Asian Heritage Month Symposium in 2010. Locating Asian Canadian artists, arts organizations, communities and centres was a challenging process. We realized that connecting these communities required more research and development.

The was soon created by compiling, Canada Council for the Arts connections, renowned artists, established artist organizations, and re-usable third-party information into a online resource. Spearheaded by Festival Accès Asie, the site was created by a small team of dedicated volunteers to realize objectives for the National Asian Heritage Month Symposium.

With funding from Canada Council for the Arts and with your support, our 2012 goal is to “kickstart” with design elements and substantial and credible content. Our hope is that the site will has the necessary visibility and participation to foster connection, culture and community.

[edit] Privacy Policy

  • Will email to members of the collective for approval.

[edit] Disclaimer

  • Will email to members of the collective for approval.

[edit] Search function

  • David

[edit] Organizing content - use Aspects or create more categories

see above.

[edit] Contact Us page

  • Available on Navigation page?
  • Use asiancanadianwiki gmail account
  • Add note: ACW is volunteer-run. We aim for a 48-hour response time, however we cannot guarantee it.

[edit] Community portal

  • Desired content:
    • public documents coming out of forums, event, discussions, relevant to asiancanadian community-building, within the mandate of the asiancanadianwiki

[edit] Continuing on past September launch

  • Adrienne and Rob will continue as volunteers for maintenance of wiki. Elena will volunteer for maintenance starting September.
  • Maintenance includes: checking email account, responding to emails, removing spam, simple editing, attendance at collective meetings whenever an issue arises
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