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[edit] Meeting Minutes

Please find below a summary of the online meeting, July 13th 2013

Attendance: Robert, Adrienne, David, Elena, Janet, Heesung

1) Envisioning what AC Wiki needs (Brainstorm)

Those in attendance discussed what worked well from 2012-2013 for the AC Wiki, and then brainstormed what we felt the site needed (either in coming year, or in general). All ideas were documented to ensure everyone's ideas were voiced.

  • Updates, contributions, posts, new profile at least once a week not from the core team.
  • Using the wiki as a place as an academic tag, encouraging students to post about their work, thesis (Asian Canadian Studies Network, online network for academics)
  • Creating side projects, features to encourage traffic and participation
  • Website link provider for various networks in the community
  • Link of the facebook group on the acwiki website on front page
  • Video for a how to contribute on acwiki
  • Reorganize design of the contribute page
  • Youtube widget up and running, copy text from tea-salon
  • Contribute videos, simplify contribute page
  • Compilation of Asian Canadian networks
  • Contact AC networks to share links on their page with us – join FB page for updates
  • Asian Canadian Tumblr
  • Clarification of the role of the wiki
  • Asian Canadian news – shared on the FB page
  • Create AC wiki as a company on LinkedIn

2) Visioning for 2013-2014 (core objectives)

Following the brainstorming session, the team worked to filter the brainstormed ideas into 3 core objectives that were are achievable in the coming year.

  • Increase ease of access to the website
  • Increase visibility and community engagement of AC Wiki
  • Increase multimedia use in AC Wiki

3) Next Steps and Deliverables (actionable items)

Following the resolution of the 3 core objectives, the team worked to create concrete deliverables for each, to ensure work against them could be concretely measured. These action items are listed below, based on the objective.

  • Increase ease of access to the website

- Robert to lead and change the 'Contribute' section of the site to be more user friendly - Ideas suggested include creating a video, using pictures, and moving sections of the 'Contribute' away from the main page so it looks less intimidating - Action: Robert to implement the suggestions above

  • Increase visibility and community engagement of AC Wiki

- Whole team to work on expanding the visibility on the site - Adrienne to continue developing FB articles to share with FB friends on the AC Wiki FB page - Adrienne to create an AC Wiki Tumblr to share her FB articles with those who do not use FB - Janet to compile a list of AC community organizations and contact them to remind them we exist and would be interested in their support (either in terms of link sharing ,or better yet, having them become active users of AC Wiki) - Goal: by July 2014, incrase the amount of average traffic we had from 2012-2013 in 2013-2014; have at least 50 new users register onto the site (average of 1 per week)

  • Increase multimedia use in AC Wiki

- David just included the ability to embed Youtube videos into articles - Goal: to have at least 30 articles with YouTube videos embedded

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