Meeting July 20, 2012

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[edit] Meeting July 20 2012, 7pm EST

[edit] Draft design

Please provide feedback on the draft design via email, by Monday July 30th.

[edit] Calendar

Visitors end up at Calendar most often, however not utilized.

  • Keep calendar or redirect traffic and delete?

[edit] Asian Canadian Wikipedia lists

  • David - possible to import this information into the AC wiki, which may add approx. 700 additional names. David will produce an Excel doc.
  • Elena will skim these names; add the information; art and location; info box; add into the map; column for if it is already in the wiki.
  • David mentioned it is feasibile to produce the Excel by mid-August, with Elena working on it to end of August.

[edit] Citations

David: equal sign in the front template David will determine the cause and repair.

[edit] Youtube links Elena to add this to "Contribute" page.

[edit] Soft launch

E-mail soft launch on August 27th.

[edit] Bliki

Still the responsibilty of Elena.

[edit] Google Analytics

Set up google analytics plan on google with Janet - Elena

[edit] Infobox

Create an infobox template similar to Wikipedia articles: - Comments?

[edit] Categories

To increase intra-site traffic (I just made up that term). Should we have detailed categories?

Next meeting: Monday July 30th 7:00pm EST on skype.

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