Meeting June 23, 2012

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[edit] Target

400 additions by the end of August

[edit] Conduct of research

Adrienne and Heeseung: Ontario, Quebec and the Maritimes (& territories) Elena: B.C. Alta., Sask. and Manitoba (& territories)

[edit] Tracking

Renee, Janet and Natalie have already done a lot in terms of adding Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal-based people/orgs. Renee, Natalie and Janet, let us know what is realistic in terms of how to proceed with the names that have been recently added to the Word googledoc (whether you plan to add the names on your lists, or whether anyone can add these names to the wiki).

for the reseachers: The googledoc (whether the Word or the Excel format is chosen), will help us keep email addresses for the dissemination/launch in September, which Janet mentioned below.

[edit] Soft Launch

online soft launch (as was mentioned in the May 2010 minutes,_2010)?

  • Let us know if you have any concrete ideas for a way to promote the wiki that you'd like to develop. I'm thinking that this soft launch would likely be in the form of a message to the contacts Janet has emailed so far, asking them to forward the wiki as much as they can to their contacts. They don't have to get back to us, but simply forward what we're doing and the goals of the wiki!

[edit] Comments

As always, to add comments about the design, please put them on the wiki directly: We really want to ensure the wiki is as accessible as possible. There have been some people coming back to us asking for further instructions on how to add info.

[edit] Blog

I'm all for the Bliki idea. As David mentioned below, it will allow for a better mixing of the content.

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