Meeting May 23, 2012

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[edit] Meeting Minutes

Please find below a summary of Thursday's meeting, May 23, 2013.

Attendance: Robert, Adrienne, David, Elena

1) Outreach

- Attendees discussed important outreach venues (such as the Asian Canadian conference in Victoria) and how ACW could tap into these networks in the future (nobody from ACW will be going to the conference).

2) Website review

- Attendees reviewed website and discussed minor changes that needed to be made with David (who attended to them right away).

3) Visioning Session in Montreal

- It became apparent throughout the meeting that an in-person meeting for ACW would be extremely useful as a visioning session regarding the following questions:

What next for ACW in terms of content? What do we want to be? How do we get there? We need an outreach strategy, we should meet to discuss what this would look like. Are there any outstanding concerns with the wiki that we want to address (rather than individual feedback to David, we should all come together, find out what we all collectively want from the site and go in with a single unified ask.

While it might be possible to do this visioning session via Skype, doing it in person would guarantee attendance, allow for dim sum, and really allow us to hash out next steps for the project. It was initially suggested that we meet in July in Montreal for the visioning session. This would allow each of us to reflect on the above questions and have an idea of where they see the website going.

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