Meeting May 29, 2010

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[edit] Goals

[edit] Design

  • Temporary logo?

[edit] Views

  • About the site
  • Featured item
  • Calendar of events with RSS feed
  • List of categories
  • Historical / narrative overviews - context
    • when arrived, generation, where
    • "community around Toronto in 1980s"
      • Janet find people with a historical/academic context

[edit] Reusable content

  • David: Forms
    • end user input?
    • can anyone edit any page or editorial control?

[edit] Languages

  • Can customize navigation language, David add per language tag extension

[edit] Involvement

[edit] Editors

[edit] Social media

Easiest to use Mediawiki Widgets which includes slide show, video, etc widgets that are served from third party sites (Google, Flickr, Twitter, Facebook, etc). However it is best where possible to use the wiki itself for content (for example, calendar events) so that it can be reused within the site.

[edit] Timelines

  • June 28th - Wiki announced, soft launch
  • August 30 - September, full launch
  • Social media - July 19 with activity
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