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Nazanin Afshar



Nazanin Afshar is a Canadian artist originally from Iran. Nazanin felt her destiny as a painter early in life. She has studied fine arts, Photography and received her BFA in Painting in Tehran in 2000. After her academic studies, she deepened her creative experience with two fellowship programs, working with prominent figurative painters, Hanibal Alkhas and Ahmad Vakili. Now, she lives and works in Montreal, Canada.

In the search for a personal language, she creates a body of work that primarily focuses on the complexity of the human condition and social characteristics behaviour of people; especially about nuances in women's psychosocial aspects. The diversity and uniqueness of each individual inspire the artist to depict the mystery of their looks through her filter of perception.

Nazanin Afshar works with a variety of media and techniques; including painting, drawing, photography and sculpture. Her works have been exhibited in Canada and Iran.

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